7 Years In...Help Us with the Next 7!

We’re so happy because Free The Girls is celebrating 7 years as an organization! We’re humbled and thankful that you’ve been a part of this incredible opportunity to foster freedom and hope to survivors across the globe.



Our dedication over the years has been, first and foremost, to come alongside sex trafficking survivors with a path to total freedom. Sex trafficking is one of the gravest modern day issues, but the story of every woman we have the honor of working with reignites our fight and faith. We wholeheartedly believe that partnering to rebuild and restore women to freedom is the most worthy investment of our day, and we honor their journeys. The journey each of our women has been on - from horrific trauma to reintegrating into the life they were meant to live - whole, healed and powerfully free!

To those who’ve walked with us since the beginning as well as those new to the Free The Girls’ family, we’re so grateful for you. Without you, the work that has gone on over the last seven years wouldn’t have been possible. We wanted to take some time to share about some of the impact you’ve made in lives of women and their families across Uganda, El Salvador, and Mozambique, and how this has changed the lives of girls, women, and their families - rippling out to communities for generations to come.

Seven years of learning and growing.

Seven years of new partnerships and connections.

Seven years of redefining freedom, together!


Over the last year alone, we’ve seen some beautiful restoration happening. In Mozambique, we had 13 women who graduated in the winter! We currently have 13 women (7 brand new to Free The Girls!) in our Mozambique program and among them, four women have purchased a home or land, which means even more safety and hope for a future. The Progress Out of Poverty Index shows that our graduates are 65% more likely to rise out of poverty once in our program, giving them a greater sense of freedom and hope! In Uganda, we have five women working in the store and two women going to University! Four women are now running their own stores - creating a greater sense of empowerment and freedom! In El Salvador, among the women in our program, we’ve also had three young ladies come through our program after transitioning from a safe-house for minors. For the women participating in the program with children, we’re thrilled to know that they’re all able to send all their kids to school! For a vulnerable family in this part of the world, education costs money and not everyone gets to go. This is such an important way that our programs are able to make a lasting impact for generations to come!


Although there has been some heartache and loss over the years, the overall feeling of the last seven years is HOPE. With a safe and sustainable income, many women have seen a way out of their exploitive situations, and a way out of poverty that is tangible and hopeful. We hold on to the belief that women walking in total freedom cause families and communities to flourish for generations to come.

We also want to highlight the amazing work of our supporters all over the world. Many have shared about FTG, many have organized bra drives and events, collected bras, sorted bras, donated bras and bucks, and the list goes on! All of this fuels our vision: a world in which previously enslaved women are leading vibrant, successful, integrated lives! In the last seven years, 765,000 bras have been donated from 24 different countries! This blows us away and inspires us to keep pressing on.


The reality is that organizations like Free The Girls rely on people like YOU to keep things going. Our programs are sustained by generous donors who believe in the mission and keep things running by giving every month. Up until this point, we have sustained largely off of one-time gifts.  We currently have 11 monthly donors - only 11 people we know for a fact have committed to giving every month.  It is so essential and it's a simple, yet impactful way to serve and love our neighbors from our home-towns to the other side of the world.


With the rising costs of shipping and the desire to expand our programs to incorporate even more holistic reintegration opportunities, we need more consistent donations.  We'd be honored and so grateful for you to join the Free The Girls’ Family by signing up as one of our monthly supporters. When you join our family, you too, can make a lasting impact on the lives of survivors of human trafficking.


At Free The Girls, the honor to restore and celebrate women in freedom reminds us every single day of the indescribable power love has to see humans fully restored. It's that love and bold belief in freedom that keeps us eternally optimistic and determined to work towards True Freedom.

Our Monthly Giving Campaign is a call to join the FREE THE GIRLS’ FAMILY. By giving just $7/week ($28/month), you can partner to bring true freedom to women, communities, and generations to come. Sign up here and join our tribe today.

We hope you feel a sense of deep gladness, knowing that your partnership has literally been a vehicle for healing and hope. For lives being changed by love, support, encouragement and bras :)


With Gratitude and HOPE,

The Free The Girls’ Family

Three Easy Ways to Change the World

“There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it.

Change the story, change the world.”

-Terry Pratchett

Many of us love the idea of changing the world. And if you're here reading this blog, we'd assume you are someone who cares deeply about injustice and wants more than anything to make an imprint with your life for the greater good. It can be overwhelming when we look at the big picture and see oppression, slavery, child exploitation, war, refugee crises... the list could go on. 

The good news is that changing the world does not have to be overwhelming. We are all writing our stories. And they become even more beautiful and fulfilling when our stories intertwine with others - from our next-door neighbor to the woman across the globe who's fighting for freedom and a new life. There are practical ways we can all make an impact with our lives. Below are three easy ways to change the world. Let us know what your ideas are by tagging us on facebook or instagram

1) Utilize Your Influence on Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media has it's benefits. With the world in front of us, we can interact and share information faster than ever before. We all have our differing spheres of influence no matter how large or small. So use that platform for the good of the world! Share your favorite organizations or point friends to stories that might open their heart to become involved. Facebook has an awesome platform where you can create your own Facebook fundraiser on behalf of your non-profit of choice! Sharing this with your family and friends on Facebook helps them get engaged with a world-changing cause. 

(Some quick directions to do that. Go to your "home" page and scroll down. At the bottom left of the screen you'll see the word "CREATE". Under that, click "Fundraiser", pick your organization and start raising money for a great cause!)

2) Use Your Gifts/Talents for Good. 

Are you an artist? A photographer?  A small business owner or a health and wellness Instructor? Do you lead a group or are you a part of a community? You can use your sphere of influence and your talents to support a cause you love. For instance, you could host an art show with some of your friends and donate the ticket price to your favorite non-profit. If you happen to work as a vendor in the wedding industry (or if you're getting married!), you could check out a great mission called "Love Gives Way", and a percentage of profits will go towards a non-profit doing work to fight human trafficking around the world. 

3) Become a monthly donor for your favorite organization.  

(You could join the "FTG Family"!) 

It may not feel as glorious to "just give money", but the reality is that organizations doing the on-the-ground work rely on people like you to keep things going. Many non profit organizations are sustained by generous donors who believe in the mission and keep things running by committing to give every month. It is so essential and it's a simple, yet impactful way to serve and love our neighbors from our home-towns to the other side of the world. At Free The Girls, the honor to restore and celebrate women in freedom reminds us every single day of the indescribable power love has to see humans fully restored. It's that love and bold belief in freedom that keeps us eternally optimistic and determined to work towards True Freedom. We'd be honored and so grateful for you to join the Free The Girls Family by signing up as a monthly supporter for just $28 a month. When you join the family, you too, can make a lasting impact on the lives of survivors of human trafficking. 

What are the ways you see others living as Everyday Abolitionists? What are some unique ways you can impact the world with your special giftings? 

We'd love to hear your ideas about how to change the world! Connect with us and feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know! We're so grateful for you! 

MINI BRAlapalooza

We love BRAlapalooza and want you to join! 

We had a blast last year at our BRAlapalooza events in Denver, Colorado and the Chicago-area! We're so grateful for all who attended in support of our mission and vision of seeing girls and women free to live full and restored lives! 


This year, we're doing a MINI BRAlapalooza presented and hosted by our friends at Schomp MINI on Thursday June 29th at 6:00pm! Head over after work to take in a heavenly Colorado sunset from the gorgeous rooftop view! Enjoy heavy apps, drinks, mini desserts, live auction, mini golf, along with other games and plenty of prize opportunities!

photo via: groupon

photo via: groupon

Photo courtesy of Schomp MINI

Photo courtesy of Schomp MINI

The Schomp Mini rooftop (photo above) is the perfect space for an evening out! We're so grateful for them and excited to hang with all of you wonderful people!


Our Fall BRAlapalooza will once again be presented by Schomp Automotive and held at the historic Turnhalle at the Tivoli on Saturday, November 11th at 6:00pm. Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner, drinks, dessert, live auction, pick-a-prize auction, wine pull, and other games! Tickets for this bigger event will go on sale later this summer but you can bundle tickets for BOTH events if you buy before June 29th!

Both events will celebrate the women in our programs as they journey towards true freedom—and you are invited to CELEBRATE.

Tickets are only $35 for mini-BRAlapalooza and if you want to plan ahead and get your tickets for our Fall Bralapalooza, you can save 10% —buy tickets for MINI Bralapalooza below for $35 or both events for just $100!

We can't wait to CELEBRATE with you! 


Budgeting for the Future – Presupestando para el Futuro by Mission to El Salvador

We're excited to share another guest post from our awesome partners Mission to El Salvador! We love seeing what they're up to and how they're empowering survivors of trafficking. Below is a little about their recent Budgeting + Finance class! 

What do survivors of trafficking need to be truly free?

There are so many answers to that question, but without a doubt practical support is one of them. We talk about holistic care for survivors and that means that we address the spiritual and emotional pain that they are facing, but it also means that we are cheering them on in the everyday physical aspects of their lives.

Last week, that looked like making budgets with all of the ladies in our Free The Girls program who are selling bras, and running their own small businesses. For many of them, they have money to manage for the first time in their lives. While they were being exploited, they didn’t get paid fair wages, and many of them have struggled to scrape by in the months and years after. Now, they are finally earning money and planning for the future.

Oscar, our Director of Operations, took some time to talk through the basics of money management and budgeting and then we talked to the girls individually to help them think through their expenses, their incomes, and their goals for the future.

Watching them embrace a sense of ownership and control over their finances was a beautiful thing to see, and smiles broke out on their faces as they began to budget for a future shining bright and free ahead of them

Honoring the Mothers in our Lives

Mother's Day is a time to honor and show our gratitude for the mothers we've been blessed to have in our lives. You may be celebrating your own mother, a mother-in-law, or someone who has been a mother to you. Maybe she's a sister, and aunt, or a friend. 

You could give flowers as a token of appreciation (we love flowers, too) or maybe a little gift, but what if you could give a gift that honored mothers in other parts of the world? What if your gift could bring joy and blessing to more than just one mother? 

For some of the women in our program, their children are their proudest accomplishment. I'm sure if you're a mom, you would most likely agree. The relationship of mother and child is one of the deepest and truest bonds - and it's something to celebrate! As we consider the women in our program and what they've been through (sexual exploitation, gang violence, poverty, injustice, to name a few...) we are amazed at the strength and tenacity they show in providing a safer life for their children. The love and support they give their children despite their circumstances is inspiring to us all. 


Honoring our mothers and theirs. Give the gift of freedom today!

By giving a gift in honor of the mother in your life, you're bringing freedom and hope to a survivor in our program. Your gift helps our mission of holistic reintegration for survivors of sex trafficking.  

We'd love to take this opportunity to invite you to give the gift of Freedom for Mother's Day. If you make a donation to Free The Girls in honor of a mom (and the mothers in our program), you're supporting our mission to provide safe economic opportunity and holistic reintegration to survivors of trafficking - many of which are mothers striving to give the best to their kids. 

We'd be honored if you'd give a gift in Mom's name today! 

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours! 

If you'd like a downloadable card that you can gift to mom on Mother's Day, just get in touch! We'll send it right away. E-mail Abby at media@freethegirls.org