But it's even better when your purchase also brings freedom and hope to survivors of human trafficking.

You can GIVE when you shop by checking out our partners below! 

Devotional: Beautifully Naked 

Marisol Martinez has written a devotional book for women and girls and for the first quarter of sales, 80% of her profits will benefit Free The Girls! You can purchase her devotional here



Stamped and Finch


Chameleon John



Stamped and Finch (Lindsey Warren) creates beautiful jewelry and with some items she donates proceeds to Free The Girls! Just ask her about it if you find something you'd like to purchase! Find her Etsy Shop here. 



Shop at your favorite stores like Target, Kohls, World Market, and many more while supporting Free The Girls! Use this link and and click on "shop and support now". You'll get coupons and a portion of your purchase will be given to us!



Join iGive and download the iGive button to start helping Free The Girls every time you shop at one of over 1,300 online stores.


Chic for Charity

Amanda Graham is a stylist working in Düsseldorf Germany and the surrounding region. Her Chic for Charity is a unique way for women in Germany to support Free The Girls: instead of paying her for a wardrobe styling session, you make a donation to Free The Girls and then book your styling session with Chic for Charity! To learn more, visit theChic for Charity website. To make your donation for a wardrobe styling session CLICK HERE.


ASTERrisk Jewelry

ASTERrisk Jewelry has partnered with Free The Girls to produce beautiful handmade necklaces with our name/logo in two styles: a pure silver pendant and chain for women, and a unisex style for men or women. New in 2016, ASTERrisk is now offering a Free The Girls inspired money clip.  ASTERrisk donates 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of these items to Free The Girls. 


Pearls With Purpose

Pearls With Purpose knows you have the heart, but where to start? Joining their Worldwide Pledge program, purchase the pledge pearl necklace and begin doing various acts of service in your own neighborhood. Want to memorialize your support of Free The Girls? Pearls With Purpose has a charm for that!



SupporteDD is an online bra store for the D+ size girls. SupporteDD is one of our virtual bra drop-off partners and a direct supporter of Free The Girls because “a portion of every single sale goes into a bucket o’ dollars that will be used to purchase bra inventory for Free The Girls.” You can also purchase Free The Girls t-shirts through the SupporteDD website.




Saving Pearls

You can flip for Free The Girls with iFLIP4: the brand and network for people who care. iFLIP4 donates half of its profits to Free The Girls when you select it as your charity of choice. Go to iFLIP4 to learn about the issues that plague our planet, and to discover the solutions to them. iFLIP4 educates. It inspires. It empowers, all in the name of the world’s greatest causes–and the best part: it’s driven by you.


Support Free The Girls with the purchase of jewelry from Saving Pearls. The mission of Saving Pearls is to      support those who are fighting to give human dignity back to those whom it has been stolen from. 50 % of   profits will go towards various non-profits dedicated to support survivors of human trafficking.   Write here...