Courtney Skiera-Vaughn, Executive Director

Pam Gumns, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Selah Davenport, Communications Director

Abby Mortenson, Creative Director

Joe Juarez, Inventory Manager

Brittany Newton, Communications Coordinator

Tessa Klingensmith, Social Media Manager


Our Amazing Volunteers

We'd like to honor the hundreds of volunteers who have supported Free The Girls with their time and talents. Without these faithful friends, we wouldn't be where we are today! We’re so grateful to anyone who is willing to step in and make a difference- from sorting and packing bras, addressing postcards, hosting a table at an event, to having a bra drive fundraiser, we are endlessly thankful.

To see some photo highlights of some of our volunteers over the years, check out our recent Birthday blogpost here!

Our Board of Directors

Tracey Jarzombek, Board President

Kelly Calton

Dave Terpstra

Lindsay Filkins

Our Co-Founders

Kimba Langas and Dave Terpstra