Bra Drop-off Locations

Thank you for your interest in becoming a bra drop-off location! You matter to us more than you know!

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Across the world, the bras you collect become inventory for the incredibly brave survivors of trafficking as they embark on their own businesses. We love that businesses and brands can have a direct link to supporting a woman in her entrepreneurship!

When you becoming a drop-off location, we’ll provide you with guidelines and materials to help promote your involvement. Being a permanent drop-off location is a great way to support us, foster community involvement, and drive traffic to your location.

Permanent drop-off locations must agree to collect bras on a long-term basis. If you’d like to collect bras for a more limited period of time, please learn more about our Bra Drives.

For any questions, please email us at

Take a look at the guidelines and e-mail us at to start the conversation!