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"I changed my life when I started selling bras!" 

-Survivor from our Mozambique program


have the power to literally change lives. For survivors of human trafficking and exploitation, it can be difficult to find a safe and sustainable income after they're out of that situation. Safe employment is an essential need for many women across the globe - and we've found a model that works for our women. 

A great way to become more involved is to host your own bra drive! You can invite family and friends (or even strangers!) to come and learn about Free The Girls while donating their gently used bras. We invite you to use your imagination and your own personal sphere of influence. You can collect bras together with your book club, civic group, Bible study, MOPS group, family, or friends. We all have a bra languishing at the back of our underwear drawer (or know someone who does).

Hosting a bra drive...

is such a fun way to bring people to the cause of anti-trafficking in a very real, tangible way.  When you donate Bras & Bucks, you are directly helping a woman establish and maintain her own business in the developing world.  The bras are the inventory for a woman to start her own business selling bras in the second-hand market! And the bucks help us with our domestic program and shipping those bras over to Africa and Central America.  With your very own Bra Drive Fundraising page, you can now virtually include your friends and family from all over the world in your own personal campaign for Free The Girls. 

Here are some guidelines for how it works! 

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One great thing about our modern connected world, is that you can include people in your Bra Drive who don't live close to you. By utilizing our online tools, you can easily share a link with your friends and followers. If you decide to do a Bra Drive in person (which is really fun, too), you can download informational materials here. We suggest having some kind of drinks or snacks as well as taking the opportunity to educate your attendees about human trafficking. We've found that this list is a helpful resource for finding something to share. If you'd like help, feel free to get in touch with us!

After you've had your party and collected the bras, you will fill out a form and then you'll ship the bras to us! Then they'll be on their way to make a survivor of trafficking very happy! :)

OK, Now that you're ready...

Here's the step-by-step:

1. Pick a time and date for your party. 

2. Sign up here for your personal fundraising page. 

3. Gather Materials (FTG materials here) (Other Resources here and here).

4. Host your Awesome Bra Drive! 

5. Fill out this form.

6. Print and fill out this shipping lable then ship the bras to us at: Free The Girls 1552 Pioneer Trail Chesterton, IN 46304

7. Share all your fun photos and tag us on Facebook and Instagram


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