We work for TRUE FREEDOM and prove that something simple can be made extraordinary.

 We have several impactful ways to join in the rally for freedom.


Spread the word, invite others to learn, volunteer your time.

Be a modern-day abolitionist!

Engage your friends and invite them into making a difference for survivors of trafficking. Here's a post with more info about how to do that!

Whether you're an individual, faith community, family, or small group, we have resources for you to guide prayer-times for this important global issue. 

No matter where you are you can make a true impact by giving: whether it’s your time, talents, or resources, it all matters!


For Seekers of Justice...

For those whose hearts are burdened by this grave issue of human trafficking...

For those who desire to partner with organizations and make a difference...

We count on people like you to make the impact we do. Whether you donate a bra, share about human trafficking, or give a generous donation, you can be sure your part is impactful. Any way you partner, you can be proud that you are playing a role in combating human trafficking while restoring hope for those who've been so deeply affected. 


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