An everyday abolitionist...

  • Carries a passion for others and a heart to bring freedom and hope to victims of human trafficking. 

  • Is informed and invested in spreading awareness. 

  • Is committed to seeing a world where all are free.

  • Is open to opportunities to impact others with their lifestyle and everyday choices. 

Because of your passion and purpose, you can be a part of the abolitionist movement in your everyday life. Sign up for our monthly newsletter for stories from the field and find ways that you can get involved.


Here are some ideas to get YOU started

  • You can start by organizing a bra drive fundraiser or making a financial donation to support the women in our program overseas.

  • You can explore local organizations and programs in your own city to get involved.

  • You can shop at one of our generous Shop For Us partner websites or buy a t-shirt from Free The Girls.

  • You can shop fair-trade for groceries, clothing, technology – almost anything! Click here for a great tool to check fair-trade status on the items you are purchasing.

  • Learn more about Everyday Abolitionist by clicking here


  • Buy a T-Shirt (Available Soon!)

  • Start a Book Club

  • Host a Fund-Raiser