Calling University Students Pursuing Global Justice! 

We know you’re soaking in the last weeks of vacation and summer, but we also know you’re thinking ahead to what this next year on campus looks like.  Are you looking for a way to change the world (and your campus!) this next year?

We absolutely love students – your passion, your dedication, your willingness to go all in for a cause you believe in, your ability to grab attention on social media and in person.  We just love you all!


And we’re honored that some of you love us, too!  Over the years, we’ve gotten so many inquiries from college students asking how they can be more involved in FTG.  We’ve tried a couple things here and there, but we wanted to commit to figuring out a greater opportunity this year and we believe we’ve found it.




So here we go, calling for our first ever FTG University Reps! You’ll get a chance to get some experience in marketing and branding, in the way nonprofits work, in development, in event planning, in community education, in writing.  We’ve created a pretty great way for you to engage your campus in the global fight against human trafficking and get a really nice reference and recommendation letter out of it (that is, of course, assuming you rock this Rep thing as well as you rock those midterms!).

Our program enables you to…

Get educated on human trafficking including myth-busting and the complexity of survivorhood; become certified in educating others about human trafficking and hold an awareness event in your dorm, sorority, or campus; write some blog posts and do a social media take-over on our official handles; hold a campus-wide Bra Drive Fundraiser; help design an FTG shirt specific to your university; and collaborate with us for a unique way to use your specific talents and skills unique to your major to help trafficking survivors around the world work towards true freedom!


OverProject 2.png

Interested?  We’re now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Send us a DM on Insta (@freethegirlsbras) to inquire about the application process.  There are a limited number of spots so get going on this!

We can’t wait to meet our 2019-2020 UNIVERSITY REPS!