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Use Your Power to Empower

I’ve been thinking. Thinking about what it means to chase justice, to find freedom, to use my power, to name my truths, to raise my voice.

I recently attended the Women’s Empowerment #JusticeInstitute in Chicago. It was a day spent listening and learning from those who speak the language of justice. And friends, justice is a powerful language.


Wheaton Sociology professor, Amy Reynolds, shared about sexual terrorism and the ways that fear impacts our behaviors. Pastor Kim Whetstone encouraged us to embrace empowerment and move beyond anxious leadership. Author Kathy Khang, wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “use your power to empower” discussed what it means to raise your voice and asked “how can we lift someone up when we think it’s a competition?” The speakers that day so beautifully wove together their personal stories, their work and their research, leaving me with a fresh resolve to be more purposeful in using my own voice. When my now-grown sons were young they sometimes used tears and gestures as they struggled to say what was wrong, and I had to tell them “use your words.”

Our language has power and we use our hashtags to abbreviate in clever ways. But our hashtags also tell a story and give us a place to come back to, a place we can find again if we search, as well as a place for others to find us. At #freethegirls we are #eternallyoptimistic and #everydayabolitionists who envision a world where all are free. #chasingjustice – is something we do at FTG, but we hope that we do it in a way that invites others in, because it’s not a competition.

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While today I’m still pondering the ways that I am supposed to use my power to empower, one thing seems very clear to me. I want you know that you are invited to join in this important work, that’s why we started The Underwire Club. It’s a $28 per month investment in the real and important work of chasing justice by fighting human trafficking.

I’ve read and heard a lot of fundraising pitches, and the ‘give up your daily latte and support us’ plea is a common one. Sometimes giving is sacrificial, but Free The Girls isn’t asking you to give up anything!  In fact, The Underwire Club also comes with benefits. You’ll have the opportunity to follow a survivor’s journey on a more intimate level as well as the opportunity to have a virtual coffee date with a FTG staff member!  

So I encourage you to joyfully drink your latte, giving out of your abundance. Give because you are using your power to empower! Give because the $28 per month to support The Underwire Club is raising your voice to speak your truth; to say you care and are willing to invest in helping women find true freedom.

#chasingjustice #womensempowerment #JusticeInstitute #freethegirls

Written by Pam Gumns