Planting Seeds

Some of you may already know that our roots at Free The Girls are grounded in the belief that there is a good God - one who loves justice and mercy. One who protects, rescues, and brings healing to those in need. We believe in the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals, and that it is our responsibility to love and support others who don’t have the same privilege as we might.

We believe advocating, raising awareness and support, and investing time or finances is one way to do that. Another way is prayer.

We believe we can be sowers of seed, good seed, seeds of prayer.

We can plant seeds of encouragement and seeds of hope.

We can trust the seed, knowing and believing that God is forever faithful. In this season will you commit to praying with us, planting these seeds of prayer and trusting in the seed?

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Every quarter, we create a Prayer Guide those who’d like to partner in this way. You can download the newest Quarterly Prayer Guide here. You can also stay up-to-date by making sure you’re on the prayer guide e-mail list! Go here to sign up and please share this with anyone who might like to join in.

We’re continually encouraged to know that our prayers are heard and that we can trust that the sorrows of this world do not go unseen and unheard by God.

There is hope!

The seed always must overcome darkness in order to break through the ground and flourish. And as we like to borrow the phrase:

“We will be the hopeful.”

One more thing- we’re also excited to share that we’ll be at the Catalyst Conference this year! If you or someone you know is attending, we’d love to say hello. Come visit us at Booth #36!