Some Friday Inspiration

At times the world can feel a bit overwhelming. With constant news flashes of distressing events and heartbreaking stories, it can be tempting to think that the world is full of negativity. But we want to remind you that’s not the full story. We all can immediately call to mind moments of beauty, of redemption, of times that fill your heart with so much joy it feels as though it might burst.

We wanted to take a moment to share some light here. We believe that sharing more of those beautiful moments might help us remember that there are good people, people doing good in their everyday lives, and that the world can be a bright place.

With that in mind, we wanted to share two inspiring stories.

One story comes from one of our newest drop-off locations - Hanesbrands. The other comes from Central America where one of our FTG programs operates.

Stateside Story:

Free The Girls is honored to have hundreds of stores across North America and beyond who have taken a stand for justice in a simple but impactful way. Our “Bra Drop-off Locations” collect new and gently used bras from customers and send them to us on a regular basis. Without these drop-off locations, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Hanes and Hanesbrands recently partnered with us, and we have been hearing some inspiring stories already! We heard from one store manager about a recent customer who came to the store for a bra fitting and some new items. This visit was the first time she had ever heard about Free The Girls and even purchased a bra that day to donate to FTG! According to the store manager;

"She was so inspired by what we were doing with the Free The Girls donation boxes that she said she felt it was "her mission" to help us fill the box, not only did she bring in 2 full shopping bags of bras totaling around 50 bras to donate. but she also purchased another $200 worth of Champion and underwear products from Latoria to complete her wardrobe. This was very inspiring to see a customer return with this type of gift. The world is a little brighter today”.

It’s people like this woman who remind us that

people are doing good; people are being good.

This woman went above and beyond to support survivors of sex trafficking and we’re inspired by her passion and willingness to take up this mission to support survivors.


International Story:

Danielle Snyder, Director of Mission to El Salvador, has been working in the challenging environment of San Salvador for years now. She’s our Program Partner for FTG and walks and works with the women in our Salvadoran program. Recently she shared:

“[There are] days when the system feels too big and too broken. I feel like my wheels are spinning and all that really happens is I get tired and dirty. But some days are different.

Yesterday was one of those days. Last January we launched a community resource center...The in a tough neighborhood in San Salvador. My primary job over the last 8 months has been to work to help the survivors of trafficking and exploitation that we serve transition to working through the different levels of the resource center in order to access services like counseling, life skills training, social support, and spiritual encouragement. I've struggled a lot, I've felt frustrated and helpless.

But yesterday I celebrated.

Three women completed level 3 after a lot of ups and downs. They are set to launch job training and make final preparations to step out into a new chapter.

Starting this level means they are involved in the community, they are participating in healing, they are making plans for the future.

I'm not going to lie, it's been an uphill battle. But today I realize that my default is sometimes wrong, that nothing is impossible, that God does redeem it all even in small ways that I don't even see coming.

Can I also mention that one of the teen moms in our program stepped from level 1 to level 2? That's big news too and something I could never have dreamed could happen within this year.

So here I am…daring to hope just a bit more, daring to believe that broken systems don't mean that everyone has to stay broken...not even me… “



So today, take heart! There are beautiful things happening every day around the world.

There are inspiring people - those who are overcoming the most difficult obstacles, and those who use their power to empower.

The amazing thing is that ANYONE can participate! Anyone, anywhere in the world can be a part of our mission and make a difference for those who’ve come out of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. If you’re curious about how you can be involved, take a look around, send us an e-mail, or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!

We love to connect with pursuers of justice like you.