Ellie J : 18 Year-old Everyday Abolitionist

We love our Everyday Abolitionists!

Hearing from all different voices can remind us how everyone, everywhere, can make a difference in the lives of victims and survivors of human trafficking. We love spreading the word that you can use what you have, and your own sphere of influence to impact the world on a lasting level. Below is a guest post with a young everyday abolitionist who's been involved with FTG since she was 12 years old. We're so grateful to hear from Ellie Jarzombek!   


"Slavery is something that we all have grown up learning about in our history and
government classes our entire lives. However, slavery still exists. If you are involved with Free
The Girls in any way you know this unfortunate truth.

I became involved with Free The Girls when I was twelve years old. My dad, Paul
Jarzombek, started shipping containers filled with bras to places like Mozambique and El
Salvador. From then on, a part of my life was spent sorting bras in my basement with my mom
and explaining to people why there were bags of bras on my front stoop, in my mom’s car, and
in my locker at school. I also spent quite a bit of time helping my mother plan Bralapaloozas (the annual gala) and going to conventions, churches, and stores to pick up donated bras. I would also go with her to speaking events in conventions and schools.  I have been involved in the behind the scenes and the in’s and out’s of this organization for a good portion of my young 18 year old life.

I have seen all the hope and happiness that can be spread by giving women who have experienced intense trauma a couple of bras.

While most people may find this strange or uncomfortable, I find a strong sense of family and love being packed into those boxes of bras being shipped away.

This organization is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I have gone to places that
package food for starving people, places that collect donations to buy items that would help
people in intense poverty, and I have made care packages for children with cancer. But nothing
gives me the same feeling that Free the Girls has given me. I am so excited to continue working with this incredible group of people as I go off into college next year. Even though I will be moving and living in a different state, I plan to stay as involved with Free the Girls as I best as I can!

Free the Girls is an organization that is working for a cause that, as a young American
teenager, I can wrap my head around. Now, I am not saying that extreme poverty, hunger, or
necessary healthcare are causes that are not as important as human trafficking. But because of
how fortunate I have been in life, a lot like many Americans, I am not able to fully understand
the entirety of them. I am lucky enough to have never been trafficked. But not every girl, woman, boy, or man in The United States can say that. Human trafficking is a problem not just around the world, but here in the States as well. Before working with Free the Girls, I never really understood that. This is a problem that all people should be made aware of because it happens everywhere, right under our noses. That’s why I love working with Free the Girls. They are an organization that works to eradicate a problem that could happen to anyone, including me and my family and friends. They are reaching into new countries and offering hope, love, and a future to people that have seen nothing but darkness and pain in their lives.


I have seen all the hope and happiness that can be spread by giving women who have experienced intense trauma a couple of bras...I'm honored to be a part of the Free The Girls' Family!

I am honored to be a part of the Free the Girls family, and I hope we continue to get new family members as we all come together to stop human trafficking; one bra at a time!