Everyday Abolitionist with Maria from Horse & Soul


What is an everyday abolitionist?

“Everyday Abolitionists don’t sacrifice their own identity for the cause, they make the cause part of their identity in small, meaningful ways every day.”

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Today we are excited to share about another Everyday Abolitionist, Maria from Horse & Soul.

Q. Where are you from and what are you passionate about? 

A. While I am originally from California, I now reside north of Houston in Conroe, Texas.  I grew up riding horses competitively in hunter/jumpers and eventing, and it is a deeply rooted passion in my life.  Horses were always a refuge for me, a place where I could get away and heal.  They were special to my life and allowed me to connect on a level that I acutely needed but had not experienced with people.  It wasn’t until later in my early twenties that I was able to find community where I could experience this same thing with others.

Q. Tell us about your heart for justice and what you decided to do about it.

A.  Everything that is wrong in the world, both on a micro and macro level is rooted in lies that people believe.  Lies can lead to two extremes causing people to either be the ones taken advantage of or the ones taking advantage.  If we believed the truth about ourselves and others - that we are precious and valuable - the world would become a much safer place.  I decided to help individuals and groups expose the unhealthy thought patterns that keep them stuck and help them move forward with healthy alternatives.

Q. Tell us about Horse & Soul! 

A. At Horse and Soul we help people live with hope and confidence in every area of their lives. We have served women coming out of addiction and incarceration, families on the verge of divorce, corporate teams wanting to grow in communication, and parents with their children working through past hurts and in need of tools for understanding one another. It is beautiful to see how every single time the horses intuitively know exactly what each person needs and God, in his gentleness and mercy, knows exactly what each person needs to hear.

Q. What inspired you to connect with Free The Girls?

A. The Executive Director of FTG, Courtney Skiera-Vaughn is a wonderful friend of mine and I love what FTG is doing to transform the lives and restore the dignity to women coming out of sex trafficking.  I love how God’s heart for justice and freedom has so many facets, from physical freedom, to emotional freedom, to spiritual freedom.  What a blessing to partner with an organization with the same piece of God’s heart! 

Q. How were you able to connect with and involve your local community? 

A. We were able to connect with and involve our local community through social media and bra collection events! We love seeing the community become passionate about setting the captive free and empowering women!

Q. How has your work with Free The Girls impacted you? 

A. Our work with Free The Girls has been a powerful reminder in our connectedness and our global responsibility to one another.  God loves seeing people come together to say "yes and amen!” to each other.  The beauty of the Kingdom is when we do so, we all win because it is His purposes that prevail.

Q. If you could inspire others to become everyday abolitionists too, what advice would you share? 

A. Start with where you are and the passions you already have!  Your passions are there for a reason and can be used by God.  When we pursue our God given passions two things happen - 1) we become the best and happiest versions of ourselves, the way God created us 2) people become attracted to what you are doing because of the joy they see in you.  

Q. Anything else you'd like to share? 

A.  I just want to thank you for taking the time to let me share a little bit.  Free The Girls is a gift to both the women you serve and those serving. It’s an honor to be a part of your community.