The Underwire Club



Like us, you believe the work to rebuild and restore women to freedom is the most worthy investment of our day - it frees generations to come.

To invest means that you expect a tangible positive outcome. We receive every single dollar as a committed investment and partnership to see women walk in total freedom.

We’re inviting you to become a monthly investor for two years. Becoming part of The Underwire Club means that you’re committing to see women restored! We’re so excited to invite you into this journey, and to know that you’ll be inspired by the impact you’re able to make.

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re seeking 48 passionate people to commit to two years of supporting a woman. Our reintegration and bra selling program lasts two years. You’ll get to follow her journey on a more intimate level. You’ll get to experience the joy and satisfaction in knowing that you’re making a true impact for a woman in a developing nation - for a survivor of human trafficking, and for the generations that follow.

So we're inviting YOU to follow her journey and commit to giving $28 a month for two years. You'll get exclusive behind-the-scenes information and stories. You'll get the opportunity to meet for a virtual coffee date with an FTG staff member to hear about the latest.

And best of all? You'll get the joy of knowing you're making a true and lasting impact for a survivor of trafficking!