You're Invited to Follow Her Journey

One of our mottos is “Eternally Optimistic”. We believe this in our bones, otherwise there’s no way we could do this day in and day out. There are dark realities associated with this work. There are real obstacles and challenges for every woman who enters our program. There are painful truths about human trafficking and sexual exploitation that we are confronted with on the daily. But as a friend of FTG, Jocelyn Doese says, “we will be the hopeful” because we have seen transformation, redemption, and restoration take root in the lives of the women who choose to sell bras and open her own business through our program.


We will be the hopeful.

Just as in any business venture, investors are key. While we couldn’t do what we do without all those bra donations showing up at our collection site over 300 days a year, the truth is our women need investors as well as inventory.

And so, we’d like to invite you to join THE UNDERWIRE CLUB!

Our program is created to be 2 years long. And as such, we are beginning a brand new monthly giving program that lasts for 2 years. As an investor during those 2 years, you’ll get exclusive insight into what the journey to true freedom looks like for women in Mozambique, El Salvador, or Costa Rica. You’ll get to catch a glimpse of what happens in that short 24 month timeframe that launches a woman into true freedom. From exploited to empowered, from scared and nervous to brave and bold, from having to live hand to mouth in a day by day fashion to planning for not only her own future, but the future of her children and even her children’s children.

The Underwire Club is for those committed to supporting our women. We are asking for $28/month. As a monthly donor in the club, you’ll be investing in new businesses (and the women who run them) in Africa and Central America.

We currently have 48 women in our program, and in honor of them, we are looking for 48 new monthly donors to commit for 24 months.

We invite you to join in the journey.

The journey of what it’s like for a woman to start her business, to experience challenges and celebrations along the way, and to honor the excitement and pride of graduation.

We are optimistic - eternally so - that more and more women who have been abused, exploited, oppressed, and trafficked into the commercial sex industry will arise as fierce businesswomen and leaders in their communities.

Will you join her?