What is a Bra Really Worth?


It’s not just about bras...

In our world, a bra is more than just a bra.

In our world, and in the lives of the women we serve, bras = currency.

It’s an incredible thing to think that something so simple - something many of us have sitting in drawers unused for weeks, months (even years?) can turn into a tangible tool for survivors of human trafficking.

Years ago, when our co-founder Dave was working in Mozambique, he got to wondering. “What are formerly trafficked women doing after escaping the oppression of modern day slavery and sexual exploitation?” “What were they being “rescued” to? As we so often say, “True freedom is more than just distance from a trafficker.”

Many of the women who’d escaped were glad to be ‘free”, but didn’t know what to do from there. This is where bras come in. In *Maria’s own words; “Bras equal food for my children.” Watch our newest video below to learn about how something simple becomes extraordinary - even life-changing.

Inspired by *Maria’s own words, we came up with a list to highlight the true currency of a bra when it enters the Free The Girls program.

IMG_2253 2.JPG

The Currency of a Bra

bras = the power of NO

bras = food

bras = education

bras = family reunification

bras = clothing for kids

bras = land

bras = housing

bras = healthcare

bras = trauma informed care

bras = independence

bras = resiliency

bras = planning her own day

bras = fulfilling her dreams

bras = peace of mind

bras = a better night's sleep

bras = women entrepreneurs 


“Bras are food for my children.”

One thing we love about our model is that anyone and everyone can be involved. It’s so simple! And it’s fulfilling to know you are truly making a difference in the life of a survivor of trafficking!

We have many simple ways to get involved! You can donate a bra or collect them from your co-workers, friends and family! You can host a bra drive or hold a Facebook fundraiser. When you donate bras and bucks, you can be sure that you are helping a woman establish and maintain her own business in the developing world. When you gather others to do the same, your impact is multiplied!

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