Empowering Others From Wherever You Are!

Meet Everyday Abolitionist, Eileen.

Eileen works in the intimates department of a major retailer in Indianapolis. By waiting until bras go on sale and then using her employee discount, Eileen is able to purchase and send Free The Girls a generous donation of brand new bras each year!

“I am not a wealthy person by any means, but with my discounts added to a clearance price I can purchase things that help people. It also gives me a platform to speak to customers about the work of FTG. Many are unaware of your great organization so I try to educate them.”

For Eileen, being an Everyday Abolitionist means using her position in the lingerie department to make a difference. And as she mentions, she even uses her realm of influence to share about the work of FTG! We're inspired by Eileen and her passion - and her dedication to make a difference in the lives of survivors with her own everyday life! 


How can you take a stand against modern day slavery?

~ Maybe it’s donating a buck and a bra.

~ Sharing one of our posts on social media.

~ Buying a fair trade or ethically sourced product.

Being an Everyday Abolitionist can look different for each of us.

We so appreciate Eileen’s heart, her willingness to share about Free The Girls, and her desire to see a world where formerly trafficked women can be free!

IMG_6304 (1).JPG
“I was able to tell the story of FTG to two new employees as I purchased my latest batch
of bras yesterday! My coworker who took my picture asked what it was for and when I told her she exclaimed, “I get it! I get it! Now I’m excited about it too!” Hopefully many others will ‘get it’ when they realize how simple it is to purchase a bra and help the mission of FTG.”
— Everyday Abolitionist Eileen


Are you an Everyday Abolitionist or do you know someone who is one?

We would love to hear your stories and see your photos of what being an Everyday Abolitionist means to you. Just send us an e-mail at media @ freethegirls.org or reach out to us on social media! You can find us hanging out on facebook and instagram. We can't wait to connect.