Gearing Up For Our 2nd National Bra Drive

Happy National Bra Drive month!!!

Happy National Bra Drive month!!!

March 14-31st we are having our National Bra Drive.  All across the country, Everyday Abolitionists will be collecting bras at their work, their schools, their churches, their homes, their businesses to help bring true freedom to survivors of sex trafficking around the world.

We're just under two weeks away from the launch which means that though it's coming up quickly, there is still plenty of time to organize a Bra Drive in your community!

Here are some ideas our staff members are putting into action:

Abby, Creative Director - Abby is preparing for the grand opening of her new yoga studio in upstate New York.  She's collecting bras as a part of this exciting weekend and will be a permanent drop-off location!

Courtney, Executive Director - Courtney has just moved back east over the last few months to an area in east Tennessee that has never held a Bra Drive before! So she's gotten several local businesses involved across the Tri-Cities to be drop-offs during this two week period.  She's going to try to get the word out to local radio and television stations as well.

Pam, Inventory Manager - Not only does she oversee every single bra that is donated to Free The Girls (all 18,000 a month!!!), she's actually collecting bras solo during this time!  She's already known as the Bra Lady around Indiana so her car will most likely become her personal drop-off location!

Selah, Operations Manager - Selah has coordinated with Haven Collective, a shared workspace in Columbus, Ohio (where she occasionally sets up shop for staff meetings or to answer your emails!).  

What are some others doing?  College students are collecting bras in conjunction with faculty or departments on campus; Title Nine EdinaJournelle boutiques, and other businesses are offering discounts on their products for people who donate bras; individuals are making their apartment complexes drop-offs; and churches and small groups are using our Prayer Guide alongside gathering bras.  

Maybe you've just held a Bra Drive recently - that's ok! You're still important in this! Download and print this sign, shoot a quick video telling us what freedom means to you and why you are passionate about justice, and tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

If you need more ideas on how to organize a Bra Drive in your community or sphere of influence, emails us at  Otherwise, print this drop-off sign, gather your gal pals, talk to your school clubs or sports team, connect with local businesses and be a part of a national campaign to get economic opportunity into the hands of a survivor of sex trafficking!

Once your Bra Drive is complete, print out this Shipping Label, mark that these bras are for the National Bra Drive (because, bless our hearts, we're going to try to actually get a tally this year), and send them straight to our Collection Site!  If you'd like to collect bucks along with the bras, you can either put a jar out and collect old-style or fundraise online, either through Facebook or through the FTG website!

As always, we thank you for all your "support"! ;)