Encouragement for the Justice-Oriented and Mercy-Carriers

We are privileged to know, work with, and do life with incredible people all around the globe. This helps fuel our passion when occasionally we hit a wall of negativity or receive discouraging updates or are faced with a situation we can't do anything to help.  It also reminds us that we aren't alone.

Sometimes when you've become aware of the very real issues of injustice, whether that's around the world or in your own neighborhood, and you feel compelled to speak and act to rectify in some small way, it can be lonely.  Sometimes you feel like the odd person out.  (Trust us, dinner party introductions can sometimes fall flat: "What do you do?"  "Me? Oh, I collect bras for survivors of sex trafficking to help lower their rates of being re-victimized due to poverty."  It can either make way for incredible conversations - or create very awkward silences.)  Sometimes you feel as if people are sick of you always suggesting the fair-trade coffee, refusing to buy certain brands that have a high slavery footprint, or talking about depressing statistics.

We get it.

But we also know that turning a blind eye isn't the answer.  Once you know, you can't unknow.  You can't bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist.  You feel the need to stand up, speak up, and act.  And we are here to encourage you that you are not alone in this.  We are here to remind you that you have a family, a people, a tribe, a group right here doing this with you.

Bangladesh, walking toward a setting sun - settlement, 2018.jpeg

One of those amazing people we know is Tanya Martineau, an incredible humanitarian photographer and videographer who can capture the most horrific circumstances with dignity and compassion.  She just recently returned from documenting the current plight of the Rohingyan people, a people group currently facing genocide.  Between sharing stories that had members of our staff shedding tears, she posted an incredible call, a call to action, a call for people like you and like us for whom justice beats in our hearts and compels us in our everyday walking-around life:

"You don’t belong.” Words laced with hatred and brutality.
There is an evil in this world and my heart beats to the sound of justice.... Not the angry, clenched fist type of justice. The one that blows the trumpet to a cry for healing, reconciliation and righteousness.
Who gives the right to label the worth of a soul while dehumanize solely based on arbitrary lines and religion? Murder, rape and torture plague bloody hands in the name of violence, greed and lust. Ethnic cleansing justified by “truth” bred in poison.
I call forth the trumpet blowers, the peace makers, the peace keepers, the pioneers, the strategists, the humanitarians to restore the dignity of the oppressed. Raise your weapons. Not the weapons that draw blood. No, no, raise the sword that exposes and cuts thru lies that have drenched a people in the depravity of brokenness. The shield that defends humanity and not self imposed rights.
The feet that race towards restoration instead of flee from persecution. Let dry bones awaken an army of voices that loose the chains of injustice.
Arise and shine Mercy Carriers, for your light has come to breathe life into the depravity of humankind.
Tanya Martineau on the job with Prospect Arts. Photographed by Nihab Rahman

Tanya Martineau on the job with Prospect Arts. Photographed by Nihab Rahman

We love highlighting Everyday Abolitionists like Tanya and others who inspire us with their creativity and passion for making a lasting impact on the issue of exploitation, human trafficking and human rights.  We'd love to hear YOUR stories!  Do you know someone who represents an #EverydayAbolitionist?  We'd love to know.  In a few weeks we'll be raising a collective voice for #MyFreedomDay, which is a wonderful way to spread the inspiration with your friends and followers on social media.  More on that soon, so check back here.

Remember this:

You are not alone in your passion for global justice.  You are not alone in the stories and photos of hurting humans breaking your heart.  It can feel like a lot, but, Mercy Carriers, arise and shine.  We are in this together.