2nd Annual National Bra Drive!


Last March, we had our first ever National Bra Drive.  Almost all of the 140+ FTG Drop-off Locations around the country participated, displaying new photos and many offering deals for their customers or clients if they brought in bras to donate.  It coincided with My Freedom Day, an initiative by CNN that showcases what students around the world are doing to shine a light on modern day slavery and trafficking. 

It was so much fun seeing photos and videos of all of you, telling us what freedom meant to you and sharing images of collected bras + bucks.  We even had some hold fundraisers on Facebook or through our website to spread their impact even further.

So this year, we want to do it again!  March 14th is My Freedom Day and will be the official launch day of our 2nd Annual National Bra Drive! 

Last year we focused primarily on our Drop-off Locations, but this year we’d like to invite everyone – Drop-offs, supporters, ambassadors, volunteers, social media likers, fundraisers – to get in on the action.  You hear us say that human trafficking is a global problem and thus requires a global solution.  Let’s see how many of the 50 states we can get holding a bra drive and how many members of our FTG international family we can get in on it as well!

We have 6 weeks until the launch!  Our staff will get the ball rolling in their home-states with bra drives in Indiana, Ohio, New York, and Tennessee.  We’ll share a link so you can let us know which state you’re in holding your bra drive in the weeks leading up to the event! We'll also have printable labels you can include in your box as we’re going to do our best to keep a tally this year of how many bras & bucks come from our 2nd Annual National Bra Drive!

So time for spring cleaning! Clean out your drawers, invite your friends and community to be involved and let’s prove, once again, that something simple can be made extraordinary!  Download a sign here, and let's get organized!  Email our Operations Manager at selah@freethegirls.org for help on setting up a bra drive or fundraiser, and she can walk you through it all and provide some resources for your event.

Let's gather some bras and celebrate freedom together!