Everyday Abolitionist Q + A with Rickie Youngquist

Our co-founder, Kimba Langas, met Rickie through an organization called Truckers Against Trafficking. He was one of the first people to be involved in our first big shipment of bras to Mozambique, where our other co-founder Dave was living with his family and working with survivors of human trafficking.  Rickie was also was one of the very first Julietta Award winners at our annual fundraiser, BRAlapalooza.  You can see an overview of the this story (with Rickie included!) from our humble beginnings via CNN : Mozambique or Bust


Q. Tell us about your heart for justice and what you decided to do about it.

A. I would say it's more of a heart for freedom. Freedom for these girls who have had their lives literally taken from them. I do whatever I can and whatever I feel God leads me to.

Q. Where are you from and what are you passionate about? 

A. I am from Longmont, Co. The first and foremost thing I'm passionate about is my relationship with Jesus Christ...everything else comes from that place. Next is my wife, my kids, and the girls who've gotten caught up in sexual exploitation.  As an OTR truck driver, I often wondered why God gave me this ungratifying job that took me away from my wife and kids. Then I found Truckers Against Trafficking and got on their database...that's where my involvement began.

Q. What inspired you to connect with Free The Girls and how has this work impacted you? 

Kimba (co-founder of Free The Girls) contacted me after she got my information from Truckers Against Trafficking. I believe it was God's divine timing, as I had just contacted Truckers Against Trafficking only a few days before Kimba called them. She was looking for someone to help haul some 24,000 bras to Chicago so they could get to Mozambique to the women in the program. I jumped on the opportunity and i would do it again without question. 

I can't express what Free The Girls means to me.

I'm proud to be a part of something that God is using to change so many lives. I always tell Kimba, I wish I could do so much more. 

Q. If you could inspire others to become everyday abolitionists too, what advice would you share? 

First I would say, become educated about it. Secondly, I would say, if you're a Christian, make sure this is where God wants you.  Depending on how far a person becomes involved in this fight against human trafficking, it can be very hard. Listen to God and stay close to Him.  



Thank you Rickie, for being a trucker against trafficking! Thank you for being willing to give your time and talents to helping the women in our program.

Thank you for being an Everyday Abolitionist!