7 Years In...Help Us with the Next 7!

We’re so happy because Free The Girls is celebrating 7 years as an organization! We’re humbled and thankful that you’ve been a part of this incredible opportunity to foster freedom and hope to survivors across the globe.



Our dedication over the years has been, first and foremost, to come alongside sex trafficking survivors with a path to total freedom. Sex trafficking is one of the gravest modern day issues, but the story of every woman we have the honor of working with reignites our fight and faith. We wholeheartedly believe that partnering to rebuild and restore women to freedom is the most worthy investment of our day, and we honor their journeys. The journey each of our women has been on - from horrific trauma to reintegrating into the life they were meant to live - whole, healed and powerfully free!

To those who’ve walked with us since the beginning as well as those new to the Free The Girls’ family, we’re so grateful for you. Without you, the work that has gone on over the last seven years wouldn’t have been possible. We wanted to take some time to share about some of the impact you’ve made in lives of women and their families across Uganda, El Salvador, and Mozambique, and how this has changed the lives of girls, women, and their families - rippling out to communities for generations to come.

Seven years of learning and growing.

Seven years of new partnerships and connections.

Seven years of redefining freedom, together!


Over the last year alone, we’ve seen some beautiful restoration happening. In Mozambique, we had 13 women who graduated in the winter! We currently have 13 women (7 brand new to Free The Girls!) in our Mozambique program and among them, four women have purchased a home or land, which means even more safety and hope for a future. The Progress Out of Poverty Index shows that our graduates are 65% more likely to rise out of poverty once in our program, giving them a greater sense of freedom and hope! In Uganda, we have five women working in the store and two women going to University! Four women are now running their own stores - creating a greater sense of empowerment and freedom! In El Salvador, among the women in our program, we’ve also had three young ladies come through our program after transitioning from a safe-house for minors. For the women participating in the program with children, we’re thrilled to know that they’re all able to send all their kids to school! For a vulnerable family in this part of the world, education costs money and not everyone gets to go. This is such an important way that our programs are able to make a lasting impact for generations to come!


Although there has been some heartache and loss over the years, the overall feeling of the last seven years is HOPE. With a safe and sustainable income, many women have seen a way out of their exploitive situations, and a way out of poverty that is tangible and hopeful. We hold on to the belief that women walking in total freedom cause families and communities to flourish for generations to come.

We also want to highlight the amazing work of our supporters all over the world. Many have shared about FTG, many have organized bra drives and events, collected bras, sorted bras, donated bras and bucks, and the list goes on! All of this fuels our vision: a world in which previously enslaved women are leading vibrant, successful, integrated lives! In the last seven years, 765,000 bras have been donated from 24 different countries! This blows us away and inspires us to keep pressing on.


The reality is that organizations like Free The Girls rely on people like YOU to keep things going. Our programs are sustained by generous donors who believe in the mission and keep things running by giving every month. Up until this point, we have sustained largely off of one-time gifts.  We currently have 11 monthly donors - only 11 people we know for a fact have committed to giving every month.  It is so essential and it's a simple, yet impactful way to serve and love our neighbors from our home-towns to the other side of the world.


With the rising costs of shipping and the desire to expand our programs to incorporate even more holistic reintegration opportunities, we need more consistent donations.  We'd be honored and so grateful for you to join the Free The Girls’ Family by signing up as one of our monthly supporters. When you join our family, you too, can make a lasting impact on the lives of survivors of human trafficking.


At Free The Girls, the honor to restore and celebrate women in freedom reminds us every single day of the indescribable power love has to see humans fully restored. It's that love and bold belief in freedom that keeps us eternally optimistic and determined to work towards True Freedom.

Our Monthly Giving Campaign is a call to join the FREE THE GIRLS’ FAMILY. By giving just $7/week ($28/month), you can partner to bring true freedom to women, communities, and generations to come. Sign up here and join our tribe today.

We hope you feel a sense of deep gladness, knowing that your partnership has literally been a vehicle for healing and hope. For lives being changed by love, support, encouragement and bras :)


With Gratitude and HOPE,

The Free The Girls’ Family