Three Easy Ways to Change the World

“There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it.

Change the story, change the world.”

-Terry Pratchett

Many of us love the idea of changing the world. And if you're here reading this blog, we'd assume you are someone who cares deeply about injustice and wants more than anything to make an imprint with your life for the greater good. It can be overwhelming when we look at the big picture and see oppression, slavery, child exploitation, war, refugee crises... the list could go on. 

The good news is that changing the world does not have to be overwhelming. We are all writing our stories. And they become even more beautiful and fulfilling when our stories intertwine with others - from our next-door neighbor to the woman across the globe who's fighting for freedom and a new life. There are practical ways we can all make an impact with our lives. Below are three easy ways to change the world. Let us know what your ideas are by tagging us on facebook or instagram

1) Utilize Your Influence on Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media has it's benefits. With the world in front of us, we can interact and share information faster than ever before. We all have our differing spheres of influence no matter how large or small. So use that platform for the good of the world! Share your favorite organizations or point friends to stories that might open their heart to become involved. Facebook has an awesome platform where you can create your own Facebook fundraiser on behalf of your non-profit of choice! Sharing this with your family and friends on Facebook helps them get engaged with a world-changing cause. 

(Some quick directions to do that. Go to your "home" page and scroll down. At the bottom left of the screen you'll see the word "CREATE". Under that, click "Fundraiser", pick your organization and start raising money for a great cause!)

2) Use Your Gifts/Talents for Good. 

Are you an artist? A photographer?  A small business owner or a health and wellness Instructor? Do you lead a group or are you a part of a community? You can use your sphere of influence and your talents to support a cause you love. For instance, you could host an art show with some of your friends and donate the ticket price to your favorite non-profit. If you happen to work as a vendor in the wedding industry (or if you're getting married!), you could check out a great mission called "Love Gives Way", and a percentage of profits will go towards a non-profit doing work to fight human trafficking around the world. 

3) Become a monthly donor for your favorite organization.  

(You could join the "FTG Family"!) 

It may not feel as glorious to "just give money", but the reality is that organizations doing the on-the-ground work rely on people like you to keep things going. Many non profit organizations are sustained by generous donors who believe in the mission and keep things running by committing to give every month. It is so essential and it's a simple, yet impactful way to serve and love our neighbors from our home-towns to the other side of the world. At Free The Girls, the honor to restore and celebrate women in freedom reminds us every single day of the indescribable power love has to see humans fully restored. It's that love and bold belief in freedom that keeps us eternally optimistic and determined to work towards True Freedom. We'd be honored and so grateful for you to join the Free The Girls Family by signing up as a monthly supporter for just $28 a month. When you join the family, you too, can make a lasting impact on the lives of survivors of human trafficking. 

What are the ways you see others living as Everyday Abolitionists? What are some unique ways you can impact the world with your special giftings? 

We'd love to hear your ideas about how to change the world! Connect with us and feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know! We're so grateful for you!