Budgeting for the Future – Presupestando para el Futuro by Mission to El Salvador

We're excited to share another guest post from our awesome partners Mission to El Salvador! We love seeing what they're up to and how they're empowering survivors of trafficking. Below is a little about their recent Budgeting + Finance class! 

What do survivors of trafficking need to be truly free?

There are so many answers to that question, but without a doubt practical support is one of them. We talk about holistic care for survivors and that means that we address the spiritual and emotional pain that they are facing, but it also means that we are cheering them on in the everyday physical aspects of their lives.

Last week, that looked like making budgets with all of the ladies in our Free The Girls program who are selling bras, and running their own small businesses. For many of them, they have money to manage for the first time in their lives. While they were being exploited, they didn’t get paid fair wages, and many of them have struggled to scrape by in the months and years after. Now, they are finally earning money and planning for the future.

Oscar, our Director of Operations, took some time to talk through the basics of money management and budgeting and then we talked to the girls individually to help them think through their expenses, their incomes, and their goals for the future.

Watching them embrace a sense of ownership and control over their finances was a beautiful thing to see, and smiles broke out on their faces as they began to budget for a future shining bright and free ahead of them