Inheritance Project

Partner with a survivor of trafficking to help make her future even brighter! 

Redefining Freedom is something we’re passionate about.

We now know that the physical, emotional, and holistic effects of slavery require a holistic approach to healing and an understanding of what “freedom” truly means. It does not only mean being removed from the trafficking situation, but it involves deeper healing and creative opportunities for these survivors. For our brave women across the globe, one thing they needed was an opportunity that would empower them, one that would equip them to run their own business and thrive.

As many of you know, the women in our programs have done incredible things with the opportunity of selling bras, learning new skills, and finding empowerment through entrepreneurship. We recently had an exciting graduation with 13 women in our Mozambique program! We've been talking with our program partners and wondering together, "What's next!?" After these women have been trained through our bra selling program, some have started to dream even bigger!

One of our ladies shared; "I want to go to University to study journalism." Another would like to start a new business of her own. And others would like to purchase land or build a home to add some extra safety and freedom for herself and her children.

This is true freedom.

The freedom to be independent, to reach goals, and to dream BIG. 

So we invite you in! 
We invite you to partner with specific women from our Mozambique graduating class to see their dreams become reality!

The Inheritance Project is a matching grant program where you get to help match a survivor's own saved income and support her dreams that impact her life and future - goodness spilling over to generations to come.

With land, a home, an education or sustainable business, a formerly vulnerable woman is now able to experience true freedom in a new way. She (and her children- and even her children's children!) will see the tangible fruit of her hard work - and can continue on her journey to truly thrive!

“Being free, I think, is not being intimidated. Just being yourself. No
one is driving you, but you are driving yourself.”

-Stella, a woman in our program


We are so honored to work alongside of these brave women who are "driving themselves" toward greater freedom and a hopeful future! 

We can't wait to share stories of how your generosity impacts lives and literally changes the story for generations to come. 

*These photographs are of the women in our program who agreed to be photographed and wanted to share! Some names have been changed for protection.