You are Loved + Ideas for Valentine's Day


We just wanted to put that out there! Although some may say Valentine's Day is a 'hallmark holiday', it still brings messages around the world of flowers, chocolate, and most of all, LOVE (or maybe for some, the feeling of missing out on love). Well, we at Free The Girls believe we are all worthy of LOVE and wanted to take this opportunity to share some fun ideas about how to spread the love this February 14th. 

GALENTINES PARTY: HOST A BRA-DRIVE PARTY WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS: Why not have a few friends over for yummy treats (we LOVE this fair-trade chocolate) and have everyone bring a gently used bra they no longer wear. Donating a bra that you no longer love can actually bring freedom and hope to a survivor of human trafficking! Be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram! Be sure to tag #freethegirls 

SPREAD THE LOVE : Give a gift of any amount in honor of someone else and share this e-card with them. You could also give $50 and sponsor a box of bras headed to Mozambique to a group of survivors of trafficking that are brand new to our program!  


SHARE ABOUT US: Human trafficking and sexual exploitation takes something precious away from millions of people across the globe. We're here to restore what was lost and help empower survivors to live lives of freedom, joy, and LOVE. By sharing about human trafficking and practical ways to help, you're choosing to step in the gap and say that these survivors are worthy of love and healing. Check out our model for True Healing - which includes safe economic opportunity and holistic reintegration and share the love!