The Impact of Community and How One Church Started a Meaningful Movement

Human trafficking.

Once you know about human trafficking – what it is, how it happens, and its after-effects - it becomes impossible to “un-know” these things. 

It’s a knowledge that can create a “holy discontent,” a dissatisfaction with the brokenness of this world that motivates us to take positive action to change the world.

Changing the world starts with taking that first step. It’s been five years since Free The Girls moved its bra collection site to Duneland Community Church in Chesterton, Indiana.  DCC’s commitment to fight trafficking initially began with the first step of simply saying “yes” to helping receive, sort, and pack bras for Free The Girls.  And that’s what we did. A group of friends got together every six weeks and sorted bra donations.

We decided to call our time together a “packing party” to make up for the fact that that the realities of trafficking are sad, scary, and anything but a party.

Over time our packing parties grew larger.  We began to receive more bras and we invited friends and others from the community to join us.  A leadership team formed. We started to serve lunch after the packing parties so we could talk and share more.  Our holy discontent grew as our trafficking knowledge increased.

Within the church community several felt called to do more. A group of Duneland Abolitionists formed and using the tools of International Justice Mission began to assess the problem of trafficking at the local level.  Another group called Just Love was begun to reach out and show genuine love to those working in the local strip clubs who are being exploited (though many of those women are not trafficked). One woman decided to operate a booth at a local seasonal market and sell the products of Women at Risk International. Others have run the Chicago Marathon, raising money for World Vision to build wells, knowing that those who have to walk miles for clean water access can be directly and indirectly vulnerable to trafficking.

Along the way we have shared meals and prayers, our ideas and our time because this scourge of human trafficking is something we can’t un-know.

So what might your holy discontent be? What breaks your heart? Is it orphans, refugees, the homeless? Maybe like us, it’s human trafficking.  So take that first step. Grab a friend or two and commit to doing a bra drive and/or a Facebook fundraiser. Read a book together about human trafficking and discuss it. Do an internet or Facebook search and find out more about local anti-trafficking efforts.  And if you live anywhere near northwest Indiana you are always invited to one of our packing parties! 

“Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.”  (Bob Pierce)


 Guest blogpost written by Pam Gumns, FTG Inventory Manager and Packing Party Extraordinaire