Export Freedom Mozambique

Free The Girls began as a dream in 2011 to help survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Mozambique have a more promising and hopeful future. Six years and two additional programs later, we're taking some time to highlight this awesome program and invite you to partner in a unique way. 


Export Freedom is an initiative that allows supporters like you experience the long but important journey of a box of bras : from our donation center all the way into the hands of a survivor of human trafficking.

We are especially excited about Export Freedom Mozambique as this is our largest program, our flagship, and there are so many new things happening in Maputo this year.  For instance, we graduated 14 women last month, ladies who have journeyed for years with us who are now ready to be fully independent!  And, we have several new women that officially begin their journey with Free The Girls in Mozambique this month, and these boxes will be amongst the first inventory as they move towards true freedom! You will be investing at the very beginning and be coming alongside as we help equip these women for economic empowerment!  

 In case this is the first you're hearing about us and our program, please check out our TRUE FREEDOM page, or read about some real STORIES OF FREEDOM!

We'd love for you to join us as we prepare to send 680 boxes (that's about 136,000 bras!) to Maputo, Mozambique. For just $50, you can help a woman rebuild her life. When you sign up, you will be given a box number unique to you and be able to follow its journey to Mozambique via e-mail updates and photos! You will even receive the name* of the woman who has acquired your box to start her business. We will also be sharing your name with her- so she knows that you were able to extend this gift of empowerment to her and her family. This is such a fun way to be more intimately involved with empowering survivors in another part of the world. Something simple really can be made extraordinary! Bra voyage!

When you give bras, you give life. We are able to do so many things because of what you give. I want to say thank you.
— -Fatima, Mozambique

Follow your box from the warehouse to the hands of A survivor! 


*Some names may be changed in order to protect women that might be in potentially dangerous situation.* 

                                          SEND THESE BOXES TO SURVIVORS IN MOZAMBIQUE!!!

                                          SEND THESE BOXES TO SURVIVORS IN MOZAMBIQUE!!!