Did my Pastor just say the word "Bra" at my Dining Table?

There have been many interesting conversations around my dining table, but none quite like my first touch with Free The Girls.

In 2010, I knew FTG co-founder Dave Terpstra as the teaching pastor at my church. He knew me because I was on the church’s finance team. When he asked if he could come over for some accounting advice for a new business idea he had, I didn’t realize that I was saying yes to a lot more than some business start-up advice.

I’m sure I had a puzzled look on my face when he told me about his idea. “Did my pastor just say the word bra to me at my dining table?” I thought as visions of my ancestors rolling in their graves ran through my mind.

But, in the weeks, months, and now years that followed, I am no longer phased at how often I say the word bra to friends, family, and clients, both female and male. You see, what I quickly realized is that a bra, although a private article of clothing, is the key to helping women in need help themselves. I realized that a bra is the way that we start the conversation about the horrific epidemic of human trafficking. I realized that a bra is another way to show compassion.

I consider it a true life blessing to be involved in FTG. Since that day a few years ago, I’ve watched as FTG expanded into 3 countries, collected and shipped over 200,000 bras, provided jobs for over 20 women in our programs, and impacted the lives, and hearts, of thousands around the world. I am continually awestruck when I hear stories about the girls in our programs and their continued success. The financial gains of selling bras have given them more sustainable homes, fuller bellies, and a never-before-seen hope for their futures. I am excited when we have new dropoff locations, press mentions, and bra drives. And, I am thankful for the amazing team of leaders and volunteers at FTG that make the day-to-day operations happen.

Sometimes when I am setting out dinner or folding the laundry at my dining room table, I remember that afternoon when Pastor Dave talked to me about bras and can’t help but think about FTG and its exciting future.

No matter how you choose to support our mission at Free The Girls, I guarantee it will be fun and adventurous and include the word bra!

Blog courtesy of Kelly Calton, President and Treasurer of the Board