Export Freedom


You all know we want your bras.  Most of you know that these bras are sent overseas to help women rescued from trafficking reintegrate into their communities through economic empowerment.  And many of you know about our massive packing parties and amazing overseas shipping partners at LRI.

But we guess that a large number of our supporters don’t realize all the steps that it takes to send those bras on their global journey — from a box of bras sent to us in the mail, to the moment a woman in our program sells that box.  Let’s fix that!

We invite you to come alongside a box of bras and join our Export Freedom campaign!  We are gearing up to ship 120 boxes of bras to El Salvador at the end of July – that’s 24,000 bras! 

How much is it to join Export Freedom?

$50!  There are a lot of costs associated with shipping boxes of bras – from packing supplies to the cost of putting the pallets on a cargo ship to fumigation and import taxes.  $50 will help connect you with each of these stages.

What will I get?

When you join the campaign, you will be sponsoring a specific box and following it from our warehouse in Chicago all the way to when that box is placed into the hands of a survivor.

How do I join?

Click here!  Donate $50 to sponsor one box or $100 to sponsor two!  You’ll be emailed shortly after joining to begin tracking your box!

How long does it take?

El Salvador is our closest shipping location at around 3 weeks.  But it could be several months until your box is actually in the possession of a survivor.

How do I know you’re really following my box?

Our amazing staff and volunteers at the latest packing party meticulously labeled all 120 boxes and marked them for El Salvador.  We will be coordinating with our partners all along the way (including our staff member in El Salvador!) to ensure honest and accurate communication about your specific box.

Why join Export To Freedom?  Aren’t my bras enough?

We love all your support!  This is an opportunity for those who choose to go deeper into Free The Girls to get a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes — and to connect with the women in our program in a unique and brand-new way.  You will actually know which woman has your box and she, in turn, will know your name!