What can you give?

One of the women in our Mozambique program is seriously ill. In fact, if nothing changes, she will die soon. She has a blood disease and needs a complete blood transfusion.

In the United States, this procedure would simply mean that the doctor would request the requisite number of liters of blood from the blood bank. In a relatively short amount of time, the blood would arrive and the procedure would begin.  Her condition probably would never have gotten to the point where she needed a complete blood transfusion in the U.S. or other developed countries.

In Mozambique, however, things aren’t quite so simple.

In Maputo, in order to make a withdrawal from the blood bank, deposits of blood need to be made on the patient’s behalf. So for the past two days, our team in Mozambique and their friends have been going to the clinic to give blood specifically for her. We expect to have all the necessary donations tomorrow morning.

As co-founder of Free The Girls, Dave Terpstra, explained, “I’m not a fan of the system that requires patients to wait for blood. However, I have never personally been able to give something so vital as blood to a friend.”  And it’s not just him – there’s a line of people today in Maputo giving of their time and their own blood so that their friend can live.

While many of us may not have the opportunity to give blood to save the life of a trafficking survivor, we can still play a very vital part in their lives. As Dave likes to say, “You can’t do everything. You can do something. What is the something that you can do?”

One of the things we love most about Free The Girls is that your contributions directly invest into the lives and businesses of women around the world.  Giving of your bras, giving of your finances – these are the very tangible things that you can do to partner with the women in our program.  Bras are the inventory and the bucks make the process of getting those bras to the women possible.  A forgotten bra shoved in the back of your drawer could be the ticket for a woman to earn minimum wage that day.  $50 that could easily and thoughtlessly be spent at the shopping mall goes so far when you donate – all the way to Mozambique, Uganda, and El Salvador.

Freedom does not simply mean being rescued; being rescued is just the start of an even longer journey. The freedom journey.  Freedom means having the ability to sustain oneself and one’s family. It involves being reintegrated back into the community, to the workforce, and to one’s own identity.  When you give of yourself to Free The Girls – whether it is blood, bras, or bucks – you help bring freedom to the women in our programs. Small sacrifices that are always worth the cost.

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