Challenging Parents : What kind of Anti-Trafficking Model are You?

A couple of days ago I asked the question on Facebook, why are you a Trucker Against Trafficking? The vast majority of answers were that you wouldn’t want your sons and daughters trafficked into prostitution.

I completely agree. Most of us, when we think of a big issue on a personal level, become passionate about getting involved. We don’t want to see our loved ones, or anyone else’s, exploited.

But I would go one step further and ask, how many of us would want our sons and daughters to be the exploiters? Are we teaching them how to respect the dignity of others? Are we keeping them from being consumers of porn and buyers of sex? Are we discussing how sexual exploitation of girls/women in every aspect of the media is feeding the notion that they are here to be used? Are we watching porn, going to strip clubs, buying sex, or making derogatory jokes about prostitutes, women, or other subgroups of people?

What messages are we sending as parents? What are we teaching our children through our example?

We get angry at the “johns” and the “pimps”–and rightly so–they are exploiting boys, girls, women, and men. But we also need to protect our children from growing up to become them.

Perpetrators of crime aren’t created in a vacuum. They are in our churches, schools and communities. So, while we are protecting our children from being exploited, let’s also protect them from thinking exploiting others is okay and acceptable. It’s okay to reject the status quo that says “those people” deserve to be exploited—when a lie is a lie, call it out.

Be right. Make the call, save lives.

Blog and photo courtesy of Kylla Leeburg of Truckers Against Trafficking
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