A FTG Love Story

Free The Girls has “work space” all over the world. Our mission has taken us to Africa and Central America, but we have supporters in countries across the globe, and staff members and volunteers spread out around North America. While this has its own challenges, we love having a little bit of “us” all over.

Much of our domestic work–call it, our Bra Acquisition Program–happens online, anyone who has been to a packing party in Chesterton, Indiana knows there is lots of physical work to be done, too.

So we find it rather fitting that a little love story bloomed in both of those very places – virtually and in our Bra Collection Center in Chesterton, Indiana.

Meet Julia. She has been a regular Free The Girls volunteer at bra packing parties at Duneland Community Church for quite a while. In fact, it’s a family affair! Her sister, niece and brother-in-law are also frequent volunteers.

When Julia met Nate online last year, there was a spark, but she had to make sure they had similar values.  How’s a girl to know?  Why, inviting him to a bra packing party, of course!

We are proud to share Julia and Nate’s love story with the rest of our Free The Girls family. Here’s their story in their own words:

Having connected on E-Harmony in late March 2015, we slowly realized that despite all our differences, we had two great loves in common: Jesus . . . and science fiction. Our short notes turned into long letters, to brief phone calls, to long video calls, and finally it was time to meet. After deciding on the day we would meet for the first time, the topic turned to what we would do together.

“Well,” Julia asked, “would you like to go to a Free The Girls bra-packing party?”

And so we did. Julia first introduced herself to Nate, and then introduced him to her gregarious church family, in a warehouse full of donated bras. The bras were to be sorted, packed, and sent overseas to be the business venture for female entrepreneurs, survivors of human trafficking. To his credit, Nate jumped right in, packing, sealing, and stacking boxes. He thereby passed his trial-by-fire with flying colors.

Julia has traveled for work in 15 countries. Nate has just lived in the Midwest his whole life. Nate holds a blackbelt in karate. Julia just has a slight fascination with light sabers. But what ties us together is a deep dependence on Jesus, a vulnerability to His power at work within us, and a fierce desire to love and guide others in His name.

Julia and Nate are now engaged and have planned their wedding for March 19th, 2016. Our heartfelt congratulations!  We wish them all the best in their new adventure and hope to continue being a part of their lives.

We know just how lucky we are to have so many supporters who want to share the love in their hearts with the rest of the world, who make it their calling to serve and donate their time and efforts to helping people on the other side of the globe. We consider all of the volunteers, staff, supporters, program partners, and families in the organization as “ours.” We take care of each other and we love one another.  You are an integral part of the Free The Girls story.

Thank you, Nate and Julia, for sharing your love with all of us.  Happy Valentine’s Day!