Over 100,000 Bras Shipped in 2013

Free The Girls volunteers have been busy this year with bra donations from individuals, bra drives, and retailers. We are on schedule to have received over 120,000 bras in 2013!

When we shipped 32,000 bras to Mozambique in 2012, we thought it would take 3-4 years to sell them all.  But the infusion of bra inventory meant we could add more women to our program, for a current total of 23.  The women sold those 32,000 bras in just under a year. So we shipped more–as in 73,000 more bras–to Mozambique this summer.

As we look to expand our program to other countries, each expansion requires we ship more inventory to the new location. In 2013, Free The Girls shipped 20,000 bras to El Salvador and 57,000 new bras to Uganda. 

If you are keeping track, that’s well over 100,000 bras shipped in 2013! We couldn’t do it without the generosity of our supporters who donate bras and bucks, the hard work of our awesome volunteers who commit time and talent, and our invaluable partnership with LR International who facilitates all our overseas shipments.