Taking Advantage

In the past several years, as I have had the opportunity to spend time with dozens of survivors of sex trafficking in a number of countries, I’ve heard story upon story of how these women were taken advantage of.

False promises. Underage girls. Deceitful relatives. Fake friends. Bad business dealings. It is tragic to hear the stories of someone in trust taking advantage of another. Yet it happens all the time.

But not all advantage is evil. Each of us takes advantages of opportunities as they come along. We use our advantages and mitigate our weaknesses. We press our advantage when in a competition. Advantage isn’t always a bad thing.

At Free The Girls, we try and give the women we work with as much advantage as possible. One of the opportunities that I have as Global Director of Free The Girls is to think through the competitive advantage we can give our beneficiaries in the marketplace. I closely monitor the market for second-hand bras in all of the locations where we work so we can do our best to respond to market conditions in the favor of the women with whom we work. In short, we do our best to give them an advantage. More specifically we sell bras to the women we work with at a little below the local wholesale price.

This allows our ladies to sell more, sell faster, and even offload bad inventory more quickly than others. Some of our ladies sell in bulk. Others have employees. All of them take advantage of their new advantage.

I’d like to encourage you to do the same. Take advantage of what you have been given. You know about trafficking. You can help do something about it. Raise funds. Raise awareness. Collect bras. Volunteer your time. Do something. Take advantage of what you know. You can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Blog courtesy of Dave Terpstra, co-founder and Global Director of Free The Girls