Sea Shipping Line - Amazing supporters!

Free The Girls would not be able to achieve our mission if we didn’t have the amazing corporate supporters we have. Our corporate partners usually donate more than just the sponsorship of an event or a one time donation.Often they become so excited about our mission that they decide they’d like to continue to support Free The Girls long after the party is over. We’d like to share a little more about two of our incredible sponsors.

LR International is an international freight forwarding company with a wide range of capabilities. LRI is known for flexibility in creating customized systems for its clients to manage their supply chain needs worldwide. Since 2011, LRI has been helping Free The Girls ship bras to its overseas program locations. (You may remember them from the CNN documentary.) Their help throughout the last 5 years has also included free storage space in their massive warehouse when our “cups runneth over” at our Bra Collection Center.

Sea Shipping Line was our platinum sponsor for our last fundraiser, BRAlapalooza2. Sea Shipping is a globally integrated non-vessel operating common carrier. Founded in 1986, Sea Shipping Line is licensed and bonded by the Federal Maritime Commission as an Ocean Transport Intermediary. They specialize in shipping just about anything you need to ship anywhere you need to ship it, regardless of size.

At BRAlapalooza2 held in Chicago this past November, Sea Shipping Line made an in-kind donation to sponsor a future shipment. This was an incredibly generous gift! Our biggest cost, by far, is shipping the bras we receive to our program partners who distribute them to the women in our programs. Donating the port-to-port cost to ship an entire container full of bras is a HUGE in-kind donation, and we are so thankful for and humbled by their generosity! We were able to make full use of this donation the very next month to send a container of bras to Mozambique. With this donation, our port-to-port costs of shipping the bras from Norfolk, Virginia to Maputo, Mozambique were completely covered. When all was said and done, the actual cost savings was worth over $6,000!

We are truly grateful for this gift to our program and want to thank our friends and partners at Sea Shipping Line – particularly their New York office. We are so blessed to have such amazing people supporting our work.

Of course, LR International also donated their logistics services for this shipment, helping us to get the bras from Indiana to Chicago to Virginia to Maputo. LRI provided logistical support from organizing the transportation to answering all our freight shipping questions.

The container of bras left the east coast of North America on December 29th on the MSC Maxine. We were able to track the ship’s movements all the way across the ocean until it landed on the east coast of Africa in Maputo, Mozambique on Februrary 9th. It is really exciting keep tabs on our bras: “It’s in Sri Lanka”, “It’s along the coast!” “It’ll be in the dock tomorrow”.

Finally, after weeks at sea, the container was opened in Maputo,and boxes upon boxes filled with the bras all of our supporters had collected were unloaded. Who knows – perhaps your donated bra is now in Mozambique!