Free The Girls

Ambassador Retreat

For those in pursuit of purpose, generosity and True Freedom…

You’re here because you’re passionate about the injustice of human trafficking and you know you can do something about it. You’ve seen the impact one person can make and you’re ready to go deeper. Welcome to the FTG Ambassador Program! We’re launching this program with you in mind. Our first training will happen as a retreat this fall in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.


Expand your knowledge of human trafficking and free the girls

We’ll spend time learning about human trafficking basics and more in-depth application on how to educate others on the issue in general and Free The Girls specifically. We’ll have plenty of opportunity for conversations, questions, and exploration of how to implement this knowledge in our day-to-day lives.

Find a little refuge and rejuvenation while doing it.

The issue of trafficking and exploitation is heavy- and it’s also so important. As pursuers of justice, we know that taking care of ourselves is vital to sustainability. We’re combining in-depth learning with opportunities for rest and restoration through hiking, porch-sitting, conversations over coffee and campfires, and more. We will have *optional* faith-based elements on this retreat for those who’d like to join in including prayer times and Christ-centered yoga.

JOIN Us at The Cottage in the pines.

Two beautiful and modern-rustic cottages sit among the tall pines in Sparrow Bush, NY. This welcoming B+B is the perfect place for a retreat. We’ll meet together for three days and two nights to learn all we can and prepare to take our new knowledge and passion back into our communities.


Dates: 10/25 - 10/27, 2019. Friday (starting in the afternoon) to Sunday (ending by 3pm)

Lodging: The Cottage in the Pines. We will have 7 bedrooms- each with a king or queen bed in it. You’ll have the option to have your own room or share with someone if you’d like to (which will be a discounted price).

Cost: $300 Single Room / $200 Shared Room

This covers your lodging (each room has a king or queen bed!), food, snacks, and drinks, the certification, and even some optional holy yoga in the mornings.


The retreat is in the forest outside of a small town in NY, so we won’t be especially close to an airport. The best option would be to fly into NYC and take the New Jersey Transit train to Port Jervis, NY. We can arrange to pick you up at the station in Port Jervis (only about 20 mins from the Cottage). If you’d like avoid the train, the closest airport, it is SWF: Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY. We can help with arranging travel from there.

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Questions? Feel free to contact us!

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We can’t wait to retreat with you!