Help Collect Bras


Hosting a “bucket of bras” (bra donation bin) at your business, church or school is a great way to support us, foster community involvement,  and drive traffic to your location.  Just download the donation bin sign below; print out on 8 1/2 x 11 paper; and stick it on a box, storage bin, or basket.  You can also download the FTG one sheet below and print as handouts for people who visit your location.  Many businesses have offered discounts or specials deals for anyone who brings in a bra to donate.  Be sure to email us at and give us your information so we can add you as a drop-off location and supporter on our Facebook page and website.  All we ask in return is that you occasionally box up some bras and mail them to us parcel post–you can even collect donations on site to help with the nominal cost of mailing the bras.  Have fun and thank you!!


Collect Bras at Existing Event

If you’re already hosting or attending an event that focuses on women, modern day slavery, human trafficking or social justice, adding bra collection to your event is a great way to engage your attendees and garner attention!  Just email us at and let us know what you have going on—one of our event concierges will help you come up with creative ways to collect bras at your event!

Host an Event

You can host a bra drive!  It’s such a fun way to bring new people to the cause.  And since Free The Girls is a start-up, grass-roots organization, it’s a real blessing for us to have passionate volunteers like you to help us spread the word in other states/regions.

There aren’t too many “official” rules or procedures for bra drives–we like to let our supporters use their own creativity to create inspiring events that celebrate and honor women.  It can be something small like collecting bras and donations from your friends or co-workers at a happy hour or in-home gathering, or a larger church/ community drive or benefit concert.  We believe today’s generation of students is the one that will finally see slavery eradicated once and for all, so we especially encourage high schools and universities to take action and host events!

We want to stay personally connected with you as you plan your event, so please create a FTG account and fill out the below form once you have an event on the calendar so we can help you, and if you desire, promote it on Facebook and our website. We’ll help you plan ahead on how to store and ship the bras you collect.  We’re here to support you in any way we can!  Below are some materials you may find helpful, including a customizable flyer; info sheet to print and hand out; logo; and sample flyers.

After Your Event

Once your event is complete please, go to the Bra Donation page on our website to submit the donation that you collected, and for information on where to mail the bras to our collection center in Indiana.  As a bra drive organizer, you are responsible for shipping the bras to us directly, do not take them to a drop-off location as these are meant for individuals to drop off small quantities of bras.

If you collected any checks at your event please send them to:

Free The Girls
8200 S. Quebec St. #A3-137
Centennial, CO  80112

(the above address is only for checks and correspondence, please do not mail bras to this address)


Register Your event

Register your event below with one of our event concierges.  They will help make sure you have everything you need for a successful event as well as coordinate with you on whether your want your event publicly posted on our website and Facebook page.  Events are not made public automatically and require confirmation from a Free the Girls representative to be added to our website.  Please be sure to request that from your Concierge.

  • Free The Girls will help promote events registered at least 7 days prior to the start date.
  • If you would like your event listed on our website as well as Facebook, Twitter and through other mediums please select yes. If you would like to keep your event private please select no. Events are not made public automatically and you will be asked by a Free the Girls representative to confirm before it is added to our website.