April 13, 2016
Why We Fight

Natasha was one of the first women who sold bras for Free The Girls in Uganda. She had her own shop in the middle of a village in which she sold bread, rice, sugar, air-time (minutes for cell phones), and, of course, bras. The following blog originally appeared on

February 12, 2016
A Free The Girls Love Story

Free The Girls has “work space” all over the world. Our mission has taken us to Africa and Central America, but we have supporters in countries across the globe, and staff members and volunteers spread out around North America. While this has its own challenges, we love having a little bit of “us” all...

December 17, 2015
No Bra Left Behind

Sometimes we receive bra donations that are not, necessarily, re-salable. Some are more than gently used. Over time, we have discovered that some colors and sizes don’t sell well in the secondhand clothing markets of Africa and Central America. Free The Girls’ business model is built on utilizing bras that...

November 24, 2015
We Are Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, to remind ourselves of our many blessings.  Perhaps your family, like mine, takes turns going around the dinner table during Thanksgiving dinner and having each person say what they are thankful for that particular year.  My siblings and I always rolled our eyes, thinking it was such a cheesy...

June 10, 2015
FREEdom In A Box

  When the truck door rolled open to reveal 5 tall pallets of boxes emblazoned with the Free The Girls logo, Evelyn and the group of women waiting with her began to cheer and laugh. Most of the people gathered to help unload the truck had been unconsciously holding their...

June 8, 2015
MOPS Are Amazing

MOPS International has been partnering with Free The Girls to collect bra donations from their local communities for quite some time now. Recently we have had such an influx of donations from them that we felt we needed to celebrate! MOPS, you have blown us away with your ability to bring bras in! MOPS groups all over the country have...

May 28, 2015
A Man With An Umbrella

One of the more frequently asked questions about our program is this: How did Free The Girls come up with the idea that gently-used bras could help provide job opportunities for survivors of sex trafficking? In 2010, Free The Girls founders Dave and Amy Terpstra were getting ready to move their family to Mozambique to become...

May 12, 2015
Economic Empowerment In El Salvador

One of the most frequently asked questions from our supporters is, “How long can a woman stay in Free The Girls program selling bras?”   However long it takes. We know that every woman’s journey is different....

April 24, 2015
Selling Bras In Uganda

When we started our job creation program in Uganda last year, we had over 20 women, eager to sign up and start selling bras. Working in a developing country means working within an ever-changing set of governmental parameters. In Uganda, this meant we could only import new bra inventory. This model didn’t fit within our...

April 16, 2015
Bethany O: Why I Volunteer

I volunteer because I am a Christian and I believe that I’m called to help others however I can. I try to show His love for all people through my actions and words. I believe that through the act of service people can feel that they are loved and that they matter. Volunteering has been a part of my...