September 14, 2016
“When I started selling bras, I changed my life.”

Hi friends! For the last year, we have been having very intentional conversations with the women in our program; we have been listening as they have told us their stories.  Their words are, simultaneously, difficult to hear and beautiful within the framework in which they are telling their histories. You’ve probably...

August 15, 2016
Honoring Julieta

As we are gearing up for our two yearly fundraisers, BRAlapalooza in Denver and BRAlapalooza2 in Chicago (which you are all invited to!), we keep...

July 15, 2016
Redefining Freedom

We hope you had a lovely Independence Day! Obviously, we at Free The Girls are all about freedom.  We believe it’s a key component of living life to its fullest.  We fight for freedom, we celebrate freedom, and lately we’ve been on this mission of redefining freedom. Our co-founders began...

June 22, 2016
Export Freedom

  You all know we want your bras.  Most of you know that these bras are sent overseas to help women rescued from trafficking reintegrate into their communities through economic empowerment.  And many of you know about our massive packing parties and amazing overseas shipping partners at LRI. But we guess that a...

June 22, 2016
The Hard Stuff

You guys, I’ve got it so easy. Most of us have got it so easy. We can sit in our comfortable homes and have our hearts wrecked by stories of sex trafficking and the horrors that survivors have endured. We can open our minds, our hearts, our wallets—even our underwear drawers. We can advocate and volunteer. Give our time,...

April 14, 2016
Who is “Emily” and why does she want my bras?

The following blog originally appeared on The Escapades of Emily and is reprinted here courtesy of Emily Wilhoit, author. It all started one Sunday afternoon when I was casually searching on the google, “organizations providing jobs saving those in sex...

April 13, 2016
Why We Fight

Natasha was one of the first women who sold bras for Free The Girls in Uganda. She had her own shop in the middle of a village in which she sold bread, rice, sugar, air-time (minutes for cell phones), and, of course, bras. The following blog originally appeared on

February 25, 2016
Sea Shipping Line – Amazing Supporters

Free The Girls would not be able to achieve our mission if we didn’t have the amazing corporate supporters we have. Our corporate partners usually donate more than just the sponsorship of an event or a one time donation.Often they become so excited about our mission that they decide they’d like to continue to support Free...

February 13, 2016
Slave-Free Valentine’s Day

The retail world loves Valentine’s Day. Chocolate. Wine. Cute stuffed bears. But what is the cost to human lives to bring the spoils of Valentine’s Day to someone you love? By all accounts, most of the world’s chocolate is produced using the slave labor of children. More and more flowers...

February 12, 2016
A Free The Girls Love Story

Free The Girls has “work space” all over the world. Our mission has taken us to Africa and Central America, but we have supporters in countries across the globe, and staff members and volunteers spread out around North America. While this has its own challenges, we love having a little bit of “us” all...