February 7, 2016
Start The Conversation

It is time for the Big Game!  Will you… Cheer for more dabbing? Join in the “chicken parm you taste so good” song? Avoid the whole spectacle? The first Sunday of February is an annual experience that we share as a nation notwithstanding our individual status as a...

January 22, 2016
Ready To Work!

Are you ready to work?  we are! “Nothing attacks one’s dignity like a lack of work. The suffering and consequences of unemployment and underemployment are pervasive and heart-wrenching. Joblessness contributes to poverty, crime, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, unwanted pregnancies,...

January 9, 2016
National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month 2016

“One hundred and fifty years ago, our Nation codified the fundamental truth that slavery is an affront to human dignity. Still, the bitter fact remains that millions of men, women, and children around the globe, including here at home, are subject to modern-day slavery: the cruel, inhumane practice of human trafficking....

December 31, 2015
Simply 2016

A new year represents possibility, potential, and perspective. In one word, can you summarize your hopes for 2016? Free The Girls chose the word SIMPLY. In 2016, we want to simply do what we do best. -Collect and ship bras. -Engage

December 17, 2015
No Bra Left Behind

Sometimes we receive bra donations that are not, necessarily, re-salable. Some are more than gently used. Over time, we have discovered that some colors and sizes don’t sell well in the secondhand clothing markets of Africa and Central America. Free The Girls’ business model is built on utilizing bras that...

November 24, 2015
We Are Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, to remind ourselves of our many blessings.  Perhaps your family, like mine, takes turns going around the dinner table during Thanksgiving dinner and having each person say what they are thankful for that particular year.  My siblings and I always rolled our eyes, thinking it was such a cheesy...

November 13, 2015
‘Tis The Season

The holiday season is upon us! This means: family gatherings, turkey dinner, wrapped presents, twinkle lights, caroling in the snow, chestnuts roasting over an open fire. It’s also the season of giving. This time of year, many of us are aware of being thankful for our blessings and wanting to spread joy and peace to our loved...

November 10, 2015
Free The Girls Supporters In the News

Once in a while we find some of our amazing supporters mentioned in local newspapers around the world. Over here at Free The Girls we love to see this, because we love that the people who help us achieve our mission are acknowledged by more than just our organization. People helping people deserves recognition. In that spirit,...

October 16, 2015
What can you give?

One of the women in our Mozambique program is seriously ill. In fact, if nothing changes, she will die soon. She has a blood disease and needs a complete blood transfusion. In the United States, this procedure would simply mean that the doctor would request the requisite number of liters...

September 7, 2015
Labor Day Gratitude

“Nothing beats watching a trafficking survivor transform from a former slave to a budding entrepreneur. Giving someone a job is noble. Giving them the opportunity to create their own job is more so.” ~Dave Terpstra, Free The Girls Co-Founder and Global Director On the first Monday in...