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Hundreds of people have volunteered with Free The Girls since 2010. Whether you had a bra drive, host a drop-off location at your business, donated time/talents, or served as volunteer at one of our Colorado events, we can’t begin to thank each of your for your service and commitment to helping survivors of sex trafficking in developing countries as well as to abolishing human trafficking worldwide. 

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Pearls With Purpose to offer our volunteers a way of memorializing their commitment and service.  Volunteers can purchase the pledge pearl necklace and a bra charm through the Pearls With Purpose Worldwide Pledge program.

The pledge program recognizes that volunteers have the heart for bettering their communities and offers a way to show that commitment with a charm necklace. And, no two pledge necklaces are the same, because each one reflects the causes that are important to its owner.

In addition to the Free The Girls bra charm, Pearls With Purpose offers charms for other service areas including technology, autism, animal rights, education, music, medical, children, and arts/crafts. 

To learn more and take the pledge, click here.

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