One Step Closer to Mozambique!!

WHAT A GREAT DAY! Today we sent 28,400 bras on their way to LRI in Chicago to await (and be prepared for) shipping to Mozambique!! It was a real team effort and our most heartfelt thanks goes to:

Marc Veldhuizen and Good Neighbor Garage for help loading and unloading, and transportation from the storage unit!

Lisa Langas and Sport Haley, Inc. for warehouse space, loading dock and help with palletizing all those boxes!

Rick Youngquist and CBRY trucking for generously donating their time and truck to drive the bras all the way from Denver to Chicago!

Truckers Against Trafficking for helping us find Rick and CBRY!

Our MVVS (most valuable volunteers) Nathanael Shue, Gennevieve St. Leger, and Raeann Langas!! Nice muscles, team!

And thank you to our friends at CNN for joining us again to document the journey of the bras and tell the story of how all these great people have connected to help change the lives of trafficking survivors!


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