October is Bra Recycling Month

Donating bras takes on a whole new meaning during the month of October.

Free The Girls uses donated bras to provide sustainable employment to women rescued from sex trafficking in developing countries like Mozambique, Uganda, and El Salvador. Women in our program earn a living selling bras in the second-hand clothing markets prevalent in developing countries. The bras are donated by women in this country, who typically have a few ill-fitting, uncomfortable bras stashed in the back of their lingerie drawer.  Rather than sending these bras to the local landfill, women who donate their gently-used bras to Free The Girls support our programs providing sustainable employment to survivors of sex trafficking in developing countries.

Occasionally, Free The Girls receives bras at our inventory sorting facility in Chesterton, Indiana, that are in such poor condition that they are not suitable for resale. Rather than incur the cost of sending these bras overseas—and to ensure that all bras donated serve the greatest good—Free The Girls sends these bras to The Bra Recyclers for recycling. 

The Bra Recyclers is a textile recycling company in Phoenix, Arizona, which specializes in the recycling and reuse of used and unused bras. The Bra Recyclers distributes reusable bras to domestic violence shelters and other programs serving women and girls in transition.

October has been traditionally dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness. Last week, The Bra Recyclers announced an opportunity for women nationwide to join this effort in a different way — by recycling bras. This bras recycling program is an economical and environmentally friendly way to assist women in the United States that are transitioning from domestic violence situations.

We are excited to announce that The Bra Recyclers will make a monetary donation to Free The Girls for every pound of bras they receive during October.  Whether you donate your bras to help survivors of sex trafficking in developing countries or donate your bras to help survivors of domestic violence, start planning now to be a part of Bra Recycling Month by organizing an October bra drive in your school, church, or community.

For more information, visit Free The Girls bra drive information page or contact us at info@freethegirls.org.


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