Meet FTG Inventory Manager Pam Gumns

Pam Gumns has volunteered with Free The Girls since 2011. Pam’s responsibilities as a volunteer evolved over time from organizing bra drives to overseeing the bra inventory sorting process. In April 2014, Free The Girls hired Pam as our part-time Inventory Manager. We are pleased to introduce you to Pam, in her own words.

Name: Pam Gumns

Title: Inventory Manager

Tell Us About Yourself:

I am fortunate to live in Valparaiso, Indiana, the same town where I grew up. I have two grown sons and a daughter in law who all live in California. I am a graduate of Northwestern University.

Professional Background:

My background includes administrative, social service, teaching, and income tax preparation positions. Mostly, I love organization and details.



I love to travel and to read. It’s also my goal to one day be on Jeopardy.

How Did You Find Free The Girls:

My first exposure to Free The Girls was through Facebook in 2011. I had a bra drive party in my home and invited my girlfriends. In one day, I collected 236 bras and sold 15 Free The Girls T-shirts!

Describe The Inventory Manager Position:

I’m responsible for the logistics of handling incoming bra inventory donations to Free The Girls–approximately 10,000 bras a month. But I don’t just manage the bra inventory, I am also responsible for a team of 50+ volunteers who sort and repack all the donated bras. I coordinate logistics, volunteers, and events with the ultimate goal of getting the donated bras into the hands of the women who will sell them.

Take Us Through a Typical Day as FTG’s Inventory Manager:

The fact is, there is no such thing as a typical day. But that is what makes it so much fun! Today, for example, I am putting the finishing touches on planning an event for this weekend. During this event our volunteers will process donated bras, sorting, and repacking them for overseas shipping.  In the space of 3 hours they’ll repack about 18,000 bras! It’s practically an assembly line.

What Are the Long Term Goals for FTG Inventory Management:

Donations and volunteers are the two critical pieces of the process. Fortunately, the mission of Free The Girls resonates with people and both our donations and volunteer base continue to grow.  We have plans to implement software that will help me better track and acknowledge donations and donors. Continuing to keep our many local volunteers interested, engaged, and educated is hugely important, too.

Describe Your Best FTG Moment:

It would have to be in February 2013, when I first watched CNN Freedom Project’s “Mozambique or Bust,” and saw the clip of the girls in Mozambique as the shipping container arrived, bringing new inventory. They had been out of inventory for some time and there was nothing short of rejoicing when they opened those boxes of bras. That really brought it all home to me, realizing what those bras were accomplishing.


  • | June 20, 2014

    Hello my name is Darlene Smith of Hush Fine Lingerie in Midlothian Virginia 23113. We are a bra fitting site and we collect a lot of bras. How can we economically get these bras to you?

  • Melissa Watson | June 20, 2014

    Darlene, I will email you directly with more information.

  • | June 20, 2014

    Pam its great to read about your passion and contribution to the FTG program. So let me share that you are my inspiration and I want to begin my journey to serve by completing a short term MTES Internship as I want to see how FTG is put in action in El Salvador. Congrats! Esther

  • Pam Gumns | July 7, 2014

    Thank you , Esther! Best of luck to you as you seek to follow where your passion leads you to serve.

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