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Free The Girls is pleased to announce our surplus inventory program which provides bra manufacturers and retailers the unique opportunity of partnering with us in the fight to end human trafficking by providing sustainable employment opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking.


Currently 27 million men, women and children are being held as slaves around the world—more today than in any other time in history. More than 80% of those slaves are women and girls. There are a number of amazing organizations that are helping to rescue these women out of a life of prostitution, but what happens after they are rescued?  Many international safe houses and aftercare facilities are doing great work in providing comprehensive rehabilitation and educational opportunities to survivors, but their resources are limited when it comes to finding these women employment.


Free The Girls is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization (tax exempt ID 27-2454072). We partner with safe houses and aftercare facilities to provide sustainable employment opportunities for women rescued from sex trafficking. Women in our program earn their living selling bras while going to school, getting healthy, and caring for their families.

Did we say BRAS? Yes! In most so-called third-world countries, bras are rare, sought after items. Some women in our program are making three- to five- times the minimum wage selling bras in their communities. And even better, bras provide opportunities for these women to work exclusively with other women, which is important for a woman who is working on recovering from years of being abused and used by men.

By contrast, in the first world, women have bra graveyards in the back of their lingerie drawers, full of ill-fitting, rarely-worn bras. We spend good money on bras and hate to just throw them out, right? Since 2010, Free The Girls has given over 140,000 gently-used bras new life, providing employment to trafficking survivors in Mozambique, Africa.


Bra manufacturers and retailers often find themselves with irregular quantities of bra inventory that they can’t move through traditional distribution methods. In 2013, Free The Girls began partnering with these companies to help move their dead weight inventory and expand our program to new locations. In October 2013, we will make our first shipment of close to 60,000 new bras to Uganda, Africa, bringing our program to three new locations.

Whether it is excess, surplus, irregular, distressed, overstock, or returned, Free The Girls accepts bulk surplus bra inventory in any quantity and uses it to transform the lives of trafficking survivors. We guarantee that all donated bra inventory will be distributed outside of North America to aftercare programs in developing countries. 


To find out more about how your company can benefit from our surplus bra inventory program, please contact Free The Girls at

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