How To Be a Human Trafficking Hero

Ever wonder just how your donation to Free The Girls will help the women in our program? It is amazing how much we can do with as little as $10.

Donate $10 and help train girls to sell bras.

Donate $25 and help provide English lessons for the girls.

Donate $100 and help one girl return to school with tuition, books, and a uniform.

Donate $225 and help provide remedial reading and math tutoring for the girls.

Donate $400 and help outfit a new classroom.

Donate $625 and help provide for the girls’ emergency medical needs.

Donate $900 and help give the girls in one location access to computer training.

Donate $1,000 and help us ensure the longevity of an existing program location.

Donate $2,500 and help bring our program to a new safe house location in a developing country.

Best of all, when you donate to Free The Girls, your donation is tax deductible. With so many ways to help women rescued from sex trafficking, join us today in the fight against trafficking and become a human trafficking hero.

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