FREEdom In A Box


When the truck door rolled open to reveal 5 tall pallets of boxes emblazoned with the Free The Girls logo, Evelyn and the group of women waiting with her began to cheer and laugh.

Most of the people gathered to help unload the truck had been unconsciously holding their breath as the truck pulled up to the Mission to El Salvador building. Inside the building, the storage room meant to hold bra inventory for women in the Free The Girls El Salvador program stood empty, recently swept and cleaned in anticipation of the new inventory.

It took more than a month–and a lot of expert finesse by our freight forwarding partner LR International–to complete the recent import to El Salvador but, last Friday, Free The Girls shipment of 100 boxes (that’s 20,000 bras!) was delivered to our program partner Mission to El Salvador. In-country staff person Evelyn was on hand to unload along with an enthusiastic group of volunteers, including a number of women who sell bras as part of the Free The Girls program.

“The pure excitement on the women’s faces was so great,” said Danielle Snyder, co-founder of Mission to El Salvador, describing the reaction to the shipment’s arrival, “Although we can’t share pictures of the faces of the women we help, please know that your work means everything to them!”

“The women have a renewed sense of purpose and possibility with this tangible reminder that they are supported and loved by women all over the world.”

Photos courtesy of Mission to El Salvador

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  • | June 12, 2015

    This is great news. I am glad the bras arrived. Thank you, LR International, and all the volunteers and wonderful people who donate bras. God bless you all.

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