Five Fabulous Reasons to Register Your Bra Drive or Event

1. We’re here to help!  Our event concierges can help you with ideas, event guidelines, resources, and promo materials like flyers and banners.  Use us.   Really, it’s okay.

2. Publicity!  You want people to show up.  So do we.  The more bras and bucks you collect, the more women we can help.  Let us sing your praises on our website, Facebook, Twitter and all those other groovy interwebs locations.  And if you catch the eye of the media, we can provide official interviews and quotes.  

3. We want to know you!  At Free The Girls we like to think that we’re all one big family.  And you are a BIG part of what we do.  Let’s get to know each other!

4. Get legit!  When you register your event, you’re showing people that you are an approved third party event host.  That gives you credibility to collect bras and bucks on our behalf.  Most people check the website, Facebook and Twitter for events in their area.  When they see your event there, they will feel secure in supporting your efforts (and ours).

5. We need you!  We are a small organization, so you can be our eyes and ears in your community.  You’re not only helping the women in our program, but you’re helping to raise awareness and ignite fires in new abolitionists all over North America!  When you host an event you can help us engage your community in local anti-trafficking efforts.  But we won’t know who we can help if you don’t register your event!

For more information about hosting a bra drive–including guidelines and resources, click here.

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