Celebrating Success–Thank You From Mozambique!

Since CNN filmed the arrival of the first shipment of 32,000 bras in Mozambique in July, we’re happy to report that we’ve been able to replicate the results of our successful pilot program and add more women to our program, for a current total of 15—and we’re adding more every month!  The women are selling hundreds of bras every week, and have already sold 1500 so far this month!  Some of the women are returning to school, others are building homes and taking care of their families.  Their families are expanding, too—with marriage and new babies.  And it is all thanks to YOU and your incredible support! We are eternally grateful and humbled!


  • carpanotta@yahoo.com | February 22, 2013

    Strangely I don’t see any comments here… although the program seems quite wonderful, updates would also be welcome.
    Best of luck with the ongoing project!

  • parachute | February 22, 2013

    This new website of ours was launched in January of this year so we haven’t had a ton of comments as of yet but thanks for stopping by and getting the ball rolling :-)

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