Become a Bra-Hauling, Human Trafficking Hero

In 2011, we put a call out to truckers through Truckers Against Trafficking asking for help getting a load of bras from Colorado to Chicago so we could make our first big shipment of bras to Maputo, Mozambique. Trucker Rick Youngquist stepped up and we are forever grateful to him for offering his services. Rick will downplay it, saying he was just “doing what he does,” but that is exactly what made his assistance so precious and valuable to us.

We know Rick is not the only trucker out there who wants to help us take a stand against human trafficking. We know there are other truckers out there who could offer to help by just doing what they do–moving cargo. If you are a trucker or know a trucker who would like to help out, please email us! We are creating a new email list for truckers who want to receive our periodic call-to-action requests for assistance moving loads of bras. 

We have three distinct routes. Our biggest need, and main route, is a short haul (60 miles on I-90 or I-94) between our inventory sorting operations in Chesterton, Indiana and our shipping partner LR International in Chicago, Illinois. We also have two long haul routes that we occassionally need help with: Chesterton, Indiana to Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado to Chesterton, Indiana.

Become a bra-hauling, human trafficking hero today by emailing Pam at

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